Fantasia to Star in Mahalia Jackson Biopic


After holding it down on Broadway in The Color Purple, Fantasia is ready to hit the big screen. The “American Idol” winner is set to star as Mahalia Jackson in a biopic adapted from the 1993 book Got to Tell It: Mahalia Jackson, Queen of Gospel, where she will play the late gospel singer.

Tasia, who previously played herself in the 2006 Lifetime film Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story, will channel Jackson in the Euzhan Palcy-directed film written by Jim Evering, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the flick, she will portray Jackson as she grows up in a poverty-stricken New Orleans and later gets involved in the Civil Rights Movement as an early supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The as-yet-untitled film will commence production in April in Pittsburgh and Chicago and is slated for a December release.

Fantasia may be filling the shoes of another famous songstress. Aretha Franklin recently told CNN that she is considering the 26-year-old and her fellow “Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson to play her in a biopic.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    looking good *fantasia scream!*


  2. Q-Fiend

    Hell Nawwww!!!!
    Queen Latifah is the only actress that could pull off a Mahalia ‘The Queen of Gospel’ Jackson biopic.



  3. LilRoyalty

    Owwwwww Tasia betta work I’m soooo proud..YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


  4. NICK

    @ Q-FRIEND
    I 100% agree with you this homewrecking bitch needs not play the “Queen of Gospel”. She’s not fit to be place in the same sentence as Mahalia .Queen Latifah or Kelly Price even Jennifer Hudson is the right pick for the job.Our father thou art in heaven, please don’t let this Slutty/worthless woman ruin or Queen of Gospel Image.Fantasia can sing but Hell Nawwww. as far as Aretha is concern I think Heather Headley is the right pick for the job to play her.Do these Hollywood Folks know what a biopic means.Lord Jesus help us all.


  5. FU

    How Christian of you.


  6. GRRRR

    @NICK Dude, saying stuff likes that puts Christians to shame. You cannot just degrade people using religion, same goes to everybody.


  7. L.A. Baby

    So proud of my girl Tasia!
    The song “bittersweet” will probably give her one or two grammys sunday and now, maybe two movies portraying legends of soul music.
    You go girl!


  8. Phil-Up

    No offense to her, but what producers in their right mind would cast her as the Queen of Gospel? If she had the part before all this drama came up I wouldn’t count on it now. Furthermore her and Mahalia Jackson look and sound nothing alike. I agree when people say Queen Latifah or Kelly Price would be a better choice.


  9. Phil-Up

    She couldn’t even play herself well in that horrible movie! lol


  10. From Tokyo

    Wow. That’s Hollywood, or whatever it is.

    @Nick – “Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.”


  11. M!ke

    Aren’t Christians supposed to forgiving and loving?! Yall are full of hatred. Im glad I dont go to the same church as you all because yall are being misled.

    But Great for Fantasia! I know she will do a great job on either project. and I hope she wins on Sunday.


  12. From Tokyo

    @M!ke – Please don’t be ignorant and lump all Christians into one group. People don’t be thinking about God/Christianity/any kind of faith until they’re ready to criticize based on the actions/words of one person or group of people. If I don’t want to be discriminated/whatever because of my race, I sure don’t want to because of my faith either. So I tell you what – let’s just leave it all out. The first ones who’re quick to call people hypocrites pretend to be so knowledgeable but not smart enough to realize their own hypocrisy. Now, anyway, I’m going to think/feel what I want. I don’t hate Fantasia but I would not have chosen her. If she does it SO WHAT?


  13. faith

    Every one deserve a secound chance in life,Fantasia is in the spotlight that make it seem differant than a normal person she is human non the less,n deserve to be forgiven,just remember when we run out of patiance with each other remember how patiance God is with us,


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  15. fizzle

    YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS FANTASIA BABY! GON HEAD GRA! I really think see can conquer this part because when she is in the moment w/ the Lord, there is nothing but the spirit in her. Her soulful voice will definitely tell a story.


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  17. Dallas Champ

    Wow. No one accuse her of swagger jacking Janelle Monae’s hairstyle.


    bekele Reply:

    @Dallas Champ, that very thing brought me here lol… to see if above else caught that


  18. Ellis

    In my honest opinion, I have nothing against Fantasia. She is very talented and showed millions she can over come challenges. I have a bitter taste in my mouth because I don’t believe she is ready for this role to play Mahalia Jackson.

    Such a powerful name, Mahalia Jackson…the world’s greatest gospel singer. Sung gospel all her life and the first gospel singer to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1950 a honor in it’s self. Fantasia crosses over from Gospel to R&B music all the time. People that sing Gospel looks as singing as a ministry, to minister to someone that may be going through something. R&B to me, is about absolutely nothing . For someone who carried the torch for gospel music, civil rights I feel I has to be someone more fitting for the role. Not someone who constantly goes from the Church to the world and trade saliva with another R&B star on stage.

    I don’t care if it’s acting, but I feel it would be a slap in the face to Mahalia to let someone play her part with such character. I feel this should be someone else in place of Fantasia play such great role. I can see resemblance somewhat as far as face structure but no where close. I will still watch movie in Mahalia’s honor, but no glory to Fantasia.

    Just wonder what stunt Fantasia will do next to make me shake my head.


  19. musakfool87

    Everyone forgets that Fantasia grew up in the church and ALSO starred in the Color Purple. To be on Broadway you have to have the ability to act to make the audience believe the character. It’s no joke. I’m pumped to see what kind of crazy runs she’ll slay on the songs!


  20. musakfool87

    Furthermore, the infatuation with celebrities personal lives is the exact reason why the quality of music is where it is. Too much attention is being paid to becoming “famous” instead of honing skills and making a difference in the world through the arts. A lot of you look to celebrities as role models but at the end of the day they are all people. They are normal human beings and some are extremely talented in what they do. If they think differently than their reality is serious questionable.


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  22. debra



  23. Brandon White

    Heres my opinion. Yes, Fantasia sings R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Hell, she can sing Country is she wants to. This movie is not about the how well she does in her personal life, it’s about her performance in the movie, and in my opinion, they couldn’t have picked a better person for the job. Fantasia has a range like no other, and can capture the downright grittiness of Mahalia Jackson. Jennifer Hudson has become WAY too commercial these days, Queen Latifah can sing, but not as well as Fantasia. Kelly Price is good, very good, but she is not really an actress. Which leaves Fantasia is the most suitable. I will support her music and movies in any way I can. #teamfantasia Follow me on Twitter.


  24. chemika

    Congratulations to Fantasia and I hope she do a good job with that soulful voice of hers. I have faith she will do great and this will not be the last and those of you judging get a life and stop hating because we all have sinned and no sin is greater than another. Amen


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