RYEot powRR

New Music: Rye Rye – ‘RYEotpowRR’ [Mixtape]

Rye Rye teams up with DJ Sega to bring you her first mixtape RYEotpowRR, the predecessor to her studio debut Go! Pop! Bang! M.I.A.’s 19-year-old protégée remixes some of today’s biggest pop hits including Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R,” Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.,” Ciara’s “Gimmie Dat,” and Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” for over an hour of non-stop dance music. Bang out to the free tape and watch the video for her “Party in the U.S.A.” remix below.

Download: Rye Rye – RYEotpowRR

  • jeremydante

    i feel like im always the only one to be so juiced about rye rye’s shit. i hope people ain’t sleepin on her.

  • Neickha

    Hec yeah! Rye Rye is awesome. She’s got me as a fan.
    She inspires me.

  • lild

    this is sooo awesome! hate the tracks arent split up tho!
    Now i cant wait for her album!

  • diud

    omd this chick is amazing. wow i gotta google her. Rye Rye u gotta new fan 2day x

  • Neickha

    How do you split the tracks….?

  • YesMan

    Rye Rye is the shiiiit. since….. i don’t remember. Don’t know if she is working working with Blackstar anymore. I hope she is

  • NickGfromDC

    Awesome mixtape!!!

  • Valencia

    Baltimore represent!!!! Ive been following this talented chick since the first time i saw her on stage here in bmore (with Blackstarr that night i think?) Then she did a show with M.I.A. at Sonar and truth be told, i love M.I.A. but RyeRye took the stage! Ive been a hardcore fan ever since! Stay shining sweetie!

  • Jay


  • D.G.T

    Blaqstarr basically gave her a start in music I hope she’s still working with him. M.I.A’s Vicki Leekx mixtape had continuous tracks too. Both mixtapes are hot. M.I.A has a good artist on her label! Go Rye Rye!!

  • Dallas Champ

    She have TONS of Energy. I have not saw a female rapper dance like that since SnP. She spits fast like Twista.

  • +1 Fan

    Catchy track. Something that can be played on the radio. Looking forward to see more of her work. :)