will.i.am Gets ‘Mean’ with Britney Spears

will.i.am and Britney Spears

Fresh off his performance with the Black Eyed Peas at Sunday’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, will.i.am hit the studio with Britney Spears to work on her upcoming album Femme Fatale.

While walking the red carpet at the L.A. premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never on Tuesday, the BEP frontman revealed that he’s giving the pop siren a rougher edge. “It’s mean, but a nice mean,” he told Extra of their collaboration. “It’s hard, but melodic. It’s aggressive, but smooth. It’s the next level, but today. She’s a sweetheart.”

Will admitted that their chemistry is what made the process simple. “We made music and that’s what I like,” he shared. “When you’re doing things because you just love it, without the, ya know, ‘We need a single’ pressure, when you’re just in there having fun, that’s what I love.”

Spears’ seventh studio album Femme Fatale features contributions from Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Find out if her work with will.i.am made the cut when the project arrives March 29.

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  1. JaydenJ'Adore

    FINALLY! U posted on the real Queen of Pop!! So excited for this album. FEMME FATALE is 2011 the queen has returned. Gaga who?


  2. From Tokyo

    You know, I liked Britney when she first came out when I was in high school and then I hadn’t really noticed her again until last year. I don’t see how she’s done it all these years but she has. I must say, if anyone, she’s still the pop princess, for good or ill! lol I’m interested to see what she comes up with.


  3. From Tokyo

    And I so hate her roots in that picture! The rest is nice, though!


  4. GangsterA

    The Queen Of Pop Yes Yes Yes Can’t wait


  5. FBABY



  6. The Prophet Blog

    I agree, you can’t post every time GaGa sneezes yet ignore the true Queen of Pop BRITNEY.


  7. Noringtone

    You guys think Britney’s better then Madonna or Janet Jackson? I think not.


  8. Cyrus

    The pop queen used to be Britney. She’s not that anymore. A true pop queen doesn’t need a garbage producer like will.I.Am to create a good single.

    Gaga will win this year’s pop war, yet again!


  9. No ma'am

    Garbage producer? Are you serious? try again.


  10. jay

    Please post on britney more often. She’s the real deal. I can not wait for her new music video.


  11. Lolsmileyface

    Britney does alot of urban music, and is really goin hard working with Danja and Darkchild.
    Post more of the Queen of Pop!!


  12. Mike

    Seriously, i’m sick of hearing about ridiculous Gaga. Britney has and will always be the real deal, not to mention the real queen of pop. Rap-up, please post as many updates as you can about Brit including the premiere of her new music video next week!


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