Lady Gaga: ‘I Consider Myself to Have One of the Greatest Voices’

Lady Gaga

Think Lady Gaga’s a great vocalist? So does she. The pop superstar recently spoke on her vocal abilities and explained that compared to her peers, she’s got some of the best pipes in music today.

“Speaking purely from a musical standpoint, I think I am a great performer. I am a talented entertainer,” she told Vogue magazine. “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry. I consider myself to be one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn’t say that I am one of the greatest dancers, but I am really quite good at what I do.”

The “Born This Way” singer may brag about her skills, but she just looks at is as being secure with who she is. “I think it’s OK to be confident in yourself,” she continued, defending her title as pop’s reigning queen. “I have the world at my fingertips. I am not going to saunter around the stage doing pelvic thrusts and lip-synching. That’s not at all why I am in this.”

Gaga will premiere her new single “Born This Way” tomorrow, with plans to perform the song live at Sunday’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.


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  1. Sarah



  2. Kera

    No….just no


  3. OnlyBoy

    well she does!!! Sarah a hater!!! born this way tomorrow yall!!!


  4. Reasonable Voice

    I sense some shade at “pelvic thrusts” and “lip synching” XD


  5. Kris

    YESSSSSS, i completely agree. i love britney spears but gaga can sing much better, and the only person i think on gagas level is BEYONCE, those two are the queens of this industry, dont agree? then look at the facts, album sales, etc.


  6. Zombiedude

    Why not?
    Guys, you have to hear her live to know her voice, which is great.
    Or just youtube some of her Monster Ball videos, especially the acoustic part of the show.
    You’ll be amazed.


  7. Mojoe

    And that is the beginning of your end my poor unfortunate looking child. BYE


  8. j j

    This hoe is DELUSIONAL and needs to GTFO.


  9. Sarah

    Hater? No. She has a good voice, one of the best? No. Sorry stan.


  10. Badgirl

    bitch no!


  11. HumanitySector

    LMFAO I saw her on TV few times she is FUCKING TERRIBLE!

    She’s only great if she’s comparing herself with Katy Perry and…

    Delusional cunt.


  12. AnkKA

    in her own fantasy world of course! Bitch Please! Take a seat!


  13. TeamTM

    The male and female hormones mix in her body are damaging her brain -_-


  14. lecia

    Someone’s getting quite bigheaded.


  15. Bee

    LOL is she serious?


  16. Ash

    And this is just more of a reason why I will never be able to take this chick seriously.


  17. vida love

    I have not seen ONE live performance that shows she is one of “the best vocalists” ever… to any one of her stans I’m open to links to vids…

    This broad is really urkin my nerves because she is not as good as she might think…

    And she bests not be throwin shade at britney,cuz I will cut a bitch


  18. Wasalu

    she’s able to sing but the tone of her voice isnt likable…now beyonce has the perfect mix of entertainment and pure talent


  19. janet

    She buggin i mean come on, you have 2 successful album only! give your self some time! danm i hate when artist brag abut them selves soo shallow!


  20. sebastian



  21. RIHLUV



  22. Nicole#1Fan

    hahaha neveer bitch yu r only a fashionst ths iiitt



    You got some nerve C*ckGa! I was open to listening to your song even after the several times you tried to make fun of Britney but this is just wrong. Britney even said in her twitter Q&A this morning that she liked you as an artist. Never has she outed you publically. This B*ITCH is just taking this to an entirely new level. TOO MUCH Oxygen must have gotten to her head because when i saw her live all she did was flop around the stage and curse at the audience! She sang good, yes, but not good enough to compare yourself to anyone out there right now because if you ask me, your studio songs sound nothing like you live songs which is terrible. Get a life and act humble like you claim to be. Your career will be no more in a couple of years and it will be because of the ego you HAVE obtained.


  24. R3Bon3

    say what u want about her, she writes her own beats and her own lyrics, got twice as much talent as 90% of the artists out there that have their stuff written and produced by someone else


  25. toast

    as i said on my facebook today…’i love how everything about lady gaga has to be an epic event…(sike!)’

    she is gettin to big for them hott pants she be wearin…lol…i saw her in concert…the girl can put on a show thats for sure…she can sing too..ill give her that…but she really isnt the shit shit…U ONLY GOT ONE AND A HALF ALBUMS OUT…UR FAR FROM A LEGEND HONEY!!!…and i know she is a voice for the gay community…and commend her for that…but now it seems like she is riding the cow while milking it to death…come on chick!…calm your little a** down!…and turn down the epicness please!!!

    btw…im not a hater…i enjoy attention just as much as everyone else…but im not gonna come out to and award show wearing dead, rotting meat just to prove…ummm…what exactly was she tryna prove?…oh thats right…that ur insane and that u waste good food…there are people in african who could have ate that dress for weeks…


  26. M&M

    ok…wait…she knows exactly what the public wants…she writes, produces…and she has stage presence…but the greatest vocals? really now…come on..seriously?


  27. Kevin

    I may be wrong, but I believe that she meant she has some of the greatest influences on the public.

    Voice as in platform of change, and not as in vocal ability. Although I’m most likely wrong, she does have a fantastic voice. And if you’re one of those people still (it’s been over 2 years) talking about how she has a penis, that became lame quite a while ago. C’mon, and jump off the bandwagon.


  28. Tom

    She’s completely right. She DOES have one of the greatest voices in the industry, and she is far different from the manufactured, unoriginal pop stars like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Kesha. As opposed to them, she writes all her songs, she comes up with the melodies, she co-produces on most of her tracks, and most importantly she is in complete control of her image, everything from her fashion to her concert sets to her epic live performances. She’s the best thing to happen to pop since Michael Jackson, and she’s more vocally and musically talented than Madonna ever was. She’s a true artist in every sense of the word and she doesn’t give a f*ck what people think. She just puts out her ideas through music and art and fashion and they become cornerstones of modern pop culture. She is a living legend, and she’s only been around for two years. Born This Way comes out tomorrow!


  29. Qua'asia

    She’s Awesome & at least she sings live and doesn’t lip sing like some of these singers & rappers
    _people with the negative comments really come on now just grow up


  30. ally

    i love gaga but cocky is not cute


  31. MykolAnthony

    as cocky and annoying as she sounds, she is kinda right..shes no beyonce but she is definatley high above britney or kesha when it comes to talent


  32. Lisa


    Katy Perry writes all of her music as well… especially on her first album, she did a lot of guitar work.


  33. Mark

    “I consider myself to have one of the greatest voices in the industry.” Many critics agree with that assertion, and she didn’t say greatest of all time.


  34. bbbb

    gaga owns the worlds. gonna be breaking MANY records tomorrow. “born this way” will go #1 on itunes in less then 1 hour. it will get on top at #1 of the billbobard hot 100 in less then 10 hours. and be on the ipods of over 100 million people in less then 15 minutes. she will blow the grammys away, take every grammy she is up for. delilver the top selling album in over 20 years. and contuine to break records. all you haters suck on that.


  35. C94B

    I acknowledge Gaga’s talents, in all sorts of artistic life, and it’s true that she’s got an “efficient” (Commercial ? Lambda’s ear-friendly ? Your choice) voice, but I 1) personally think that her voice is not beautiful, but rather annoying and not harmonious at all 2) She’s far from having one of the most beautiful voices in the music business. Come on, she’s out talented (in term of voice technique) by most of the R&B female singers in the US.

    If her vision of industry is the constellation of 2011′s Superstars (Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Ke$ha, etc.), then yeah, she may have one of the greatest voices. But it stops just right there.

    Remember that everybody is free to think and/or feel whatever they want to think and/or feel. Peace, from France.


  36. C94B

    And “one of the greatest songwriters” ? Come on, I agree that it’s good to be confident in your skills, but… That’s just wrong. :)


  37. BlondeShell Minaj

    SHE IS!!! i’ve youtube a lot of her acoustic and orginal music la chica es muy talentso


  38. chov55

    OF COURSE! IN THE WORLD OF POP she has one of the best voices right now. She ain’t Christina Aguilera, Mariah or Celine…but she sings better than almost every other pop star. I mean, look at Katy Perry & Ke$ha (both of them a total disaster). And do I really need to mention Britney?


  39. Lisa

    Why the shade at Beyonce, GaGa? Beyonce is the only girl that does pelvic thrusts. GaGa is such a delusional hoe, her voice is average (for today’s standards I guess that’s exceptional), but she isn’t a good songwriter. My 5 year old niece can come up with her lyrics and I’ve yet to hear any stellar writing from her including album tracks. I want this girl to flop now, because she is too much. It’s one thing to be confident, but to constantly put yourself on a pedestal like you’re the sht when you’re not is quite funny. I like my performers to be confident, but GaGa is a stank hoe!


  40. jeremydante

    i got two words for this bitch; patti labelle


  41. Jade

    Funny how someone called Sarah a hater for speaking the damn truth.

    Say what you want about Britney, but I’ll take a humble person over a cocky bitch like this. People who are great at what they do, do not need to continue telling the world about it. Insecure much?

    Hell, if it wasn’t for Britney and those before her, Gaga wouldn’t even be here. So Gaga, take a number and step back in line bitch.


  42. oebie

    Her fame has gone gaga inside her head.

    For example, Mariah is already more than 20 years in the bussines and she still has a better voice and vocal range. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Kelly Clarkson. Even P!nk and Shakira are probably better!

    She is better than Katy Perry, Ke$ha and Britney….. what a competition LOL


  43. Alice

    i think shes very talented, and awesome. i also live in the same city as her and i noe this is dumb, but i really want to see her. to tell u the truth, ive been lookin 4 her. c’mon, im only 12, but her songs r the only pop songs i have on my i pod. im serious, i listen to every song of hers and i loved it. i just reaally badly want to meet her…this isnt my real name and mail


  44. oebie

    Oh yeah, don’t get me started to watch performances of Mariah in her early years versus these years of Gaga.

    Don’t get me wrong: I love gaga and her beats (okay music).


  45. Jake

    She has a great live singing voice, and I agree that she is very great at what she does.
    Do you expect her to be like “My work is okay. It is good.”
    You need confidence, and she has it!


  46. Diego

    no honey, no i like you..but no leave that to MARIAH CAREY.


  47. Brionna



  48. Daquan..

    You Guys Are Ragging On Her Because She’s Confident In Her Voice When Her Voice Does Rival Some Of The Biggest Names In The Industry She Has Vocal Range That Is Amazing Her Body Type And As 4 Britney EVERYONE Knows Britney Couldnt Sing If She Was Paid A Billion Bucks Thats Why She Lip Sings & Has Autotune But I Do Love Britney But Its A Known Old Fact


  49. xx

    what the fuck she is a retard or wut??
    i like her, but c’mon i ever seen her live perfomance and she said she got great voice??
    even “born this way” lyric is fuck as hell, i see no talent, no such extraordinary thing there!
    and anyway u now sound like Kanye, gaga!


  50. James Espinosa slow songs her vocals are great but when performing onstage i mean performing (dancing with singing) she really finds it hard and there’s only 2 people i know who can do both onstage Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears


  51. Mike

    Please, Lady Gaga needs to shrink that big head of hers. At the end of the day, i’d rather go to a Britney or Katy performance than one of her disaster concerts with her wearing a bird costume or something. Gaga is ridiculous and the only reason she’s as famous as she is, is because of her outrageous fashion sense.


  52. roro

    so what she’s got a great voice?
    beyonce does and she doesn’t go around parading it, beyonce’s been in the game more than 10 years and yet she’s still so much more humble
    it’s like she’s got kanye’s arrogance but her music isn’t 1/10th as good as kanye’s


  53. Mark

    Jessie J: “Lady Gaga makes todays artists look boring.”


  54. Heminem

    She is the Queen. So much more talent than Kesh or Brit!


  55. JAYE

    lol girl, here’s a slice of humble pie! it taste good and it looks like you need something to eat…


  56. From Tokyo

    It’s good to have confidence. I won’t take that away from her. But what I will say is that her voice is lost under all the all the rest. So she cancels herself out. To be frank, if it was just her and a piano, no frills, no “extra”-ness – we wouldn’t know who she is. If you deny that then you’re in denial. Period.


  57. chunel

    ahaha ! everyone wants to ear singers with great voices but everyone today listens to Kesha , Katy Perry, Rihanna or Justin Bieber.


    so that’s why Gaga seems to come straigth from the space !

    I miss Beyoncé and Mariah…


  58. weezy

    One of the best ?? No way ! What about nicki minaj. She much more better than lady gaga !
    Compare to beyounce ? 10 more years after please !!!


  59. HMM..

    Well, obviously Gaga has talent but I THINK she’s getting ahead of herself. I mean, its GREAT to be confident in yourself, but there’s a fine line between being confident and just being down right cocky. Lady Gaga CAN sing, but you never get to hear her singing talent in her songs because of the annoyingly loud and crazy beats. To be honest, I think she’s really overrated. Behind the crazy clothes and the HUGE ego, she’s just a normal girl which can sing, but not to everyones taste. I think when I listen to her music I am always gonna be shadowed by this cocky personality.


  60. tbib

    greatest voice? please! There’s alicia keys, beyoncé, mariah carrey so far before her. I think she wants to be the female version of Kanye West lol


  61. A Realist

    I like Gaga and usually agree with her, but this is a no. Lol.


  62. Lexx_Janay

    yeah lady gaga can sing but idk about being the greatest vocalist…um no! and um nicki minaj is not better than gaga


  63. WTH


    BEYONCE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NORMAL HUMAN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GAGA


  64. Adem

    She one of the worst ever that’s why she has to get have naked to sell albums.

    Here are some of the greatest vocalist. Some of you need listen to real vocalist.

    Nina Simone, Sade, Al Green, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Norah Jones, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Anthony Hamilton, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carrey, Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross & thats just to name a few there is many more that are ten times better than lady gaga


  65. chunel

    co-sign with you adem and HMM..


    She can sing but without the crazy outfits and the dance club beats…—–> Nothing special






  67. DaDonRoMaN

    Fuck All Ya Who Think Britney Cant Sing… She Really Sing.. Check Out Songs Like Everytime and Out From Under… Dnt Get Me Wrong Gaga Sounds Good Acapella and I Sound Like Her When I Sing Born This Way Acappella… I Would Understand It If Beyonce Said This Shit but Gaga Honey.. Your Not Beyonce.. Run and Tell That Home Boi!!!


  68. yehwut

    no gaga. just no.
    she is totally getting ahead of herself.
    and i’m totally starting to get sick of her.

    i miss beyonce.


  69. alicia's a homewrecka

    @ Adem…I agree with everyone up there except for alicia keys… Beyonce, jennifer hudson, fantasia and Christina Aguilera can run circles around her. alicia keys can whisper and she struggles in live concerts. If it wasn’t for her piano, you would realize that alicia is not in the realm of those greats you listed.


  70. alicia's a homewrecka

    LMAO @ these pop singers claiming ish like they run it. Just because your making bank does not mean that you can make delusional statements about yourself. gaga is just an entertainer


  71. Barbie

    Bitch PLEAAASE!!! *Tasha Mack’s voice*


  72. Austin

    I’ve acually heard her live, and i know for a FACT that she isn’t the best vocalist. Then again, not many singers today are. What happened to the days of The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Aretha? music has gone WAY down hill -.-


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