New Music: Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson – ‘You Lied, You Cheated’

You Lied, You Cheated

Keri Hilson calls out Timbaland on “You Lied, You Cheated,” the fifth installment in his Timbaland Thursdays series. “You lied, you cheated, and you ain’t got one good reason/ Watch your back and I mean it,” warns a heated Miss Keri, who kicks her man to the curb, while Timbo offers the male perspective. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson – “You Lied, You Cheated”

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  1. Yeah

    it’s ok


  2. listen

    don’t do Timbaland Thursdays if you’re not willing to showcase your best stuff. kanye and swizz aren’t holding back. keri and tim have classics in their vault. the early recordings for In A Perfect World…insane. the song “Overdose” is crazy. that’s who Keri needs to be on album #3.


  3. Me



  4. brian

    the breakdown is sick!


  5. Teej

    @listen where can I find Overdose? I’m a Keri fanantic and I got to have it! Lol


  6. mindgames

    FINALLY!! i was waiting for a keri track from TT :D


  7. ME



  8. HitTheFloor

    Very Good song i like it , Keri Hilsons Voice is so unbelievble and good !!


  9. listen

    @Teej, not going to find it online. very few have it.


  10. PhillyBul

    This song is not from the “Vault” Tim and Keri made this song yesterday based on tweets from fans that have been lied and cheated on.


  11. mama

    overdose? oh please.. where can WE find that?!!


  12. mindgames

    what is this Overdose ppl keep talking about?

    if anything keri fans have been waiting YEARS for Cover’s Blown. where the hell is THAT song, Tim? :(

    oh and..GO KERI! :D


  13. tiffany

    keri is the BEST


  14. jeremydante



  15. delroy

    the must sounds like something from the shock value LPS not a fan of his offering at all Kanye is the champ so far


  16. misscarlybaby

    weak assfuck


  17. Heminem

    I love Tims vocals. Beat is sick.

    Keri detracts from the song.


  18. yeezy



  19. AJ4Trey&Keri

    The song is meh…but seriously what’s this “Overdose” song y’all keep talking about? Maybe iShould check limewire…


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