Rap-Up TV: Wiz Khalifa Talks Cassie, Lil Wayne, and Super Bowl

After a full day of shooting his “Roll Up” video in sunny Venice Beach, Rap-Up TV caught up with Wiz Khalifa in his trailor.

In between sips of gin from a red cup, the Taylor Gang leader spoke about his major label debut Rolling Papers (March 29), why he wanted Cassie in his “Roll Up” video, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ loss at the Super Bowl, his thoughts on Lil Wayne’s “Black and Yellow” remix “Green and Yellow,” and whether he would be open to a collaboration with the Young Money rapper.

Check in with the Wiz kid and look out for the second part of our interview.

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  1. Deja

    I feel it is what it is .


  2. yeahyeah

    Man, I can’t wait to listen to his album. All I want is a few beats created by Johnny Juliano.


  3. Neickha

    Wiz is so chill.


  4. Heminem

    I really like Wiz now. His album will be epic.
    He doesnt seem like a dumb ass


  5. cloncks

    i donnot knw wat 2 say cuz wiz gat all i need from an artist:he is doin rel gud


  6. Zach P

    Wiz is sooo dope
    cant wait til march 29th Rolling Papers
    Damn it feels gud to be a taylor


  7. World Spinner

    Rap-Up TV: Wiz Khalifa Talks Cassie, Lil Wayne, and Super Bowl…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  8. Jason

    He was being diplomatic about Lil Wayne’s version of Green & Yellow! Ha! Good for him. No need to burn any bridges. That was a smart move. But he didn’t gush over the song, so that was smart too.


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