Rihanna Reduces Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown

While she may never forget, Rihanna is finding forgiveness for Chris Brown. The pop star has agreed to reduce the restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

Nearly two years after Brown assaulted her on the night before the Grammys, Rihanna’s lawyer Donald Etra tells E! News that his client has consented to softening the restraining order keeping Brown away from her.

The “S&M” singer has requested that the order be modified to a level one. This would allow the former couple to have contact as long as Brown doesn’t annoy, molest, or harass her. An attorney for Brown has been informed of her approval, but has yet to have the order officially changed. His legal team had previously requested an amendment to the restraining order so they could both attend awards shows.

But don’t expect a Grammy night reunion. Rihanna will be in Los Angeles for her performance alongside Drake at Sunday’s ceremony, while Chris takes the stage on “SNL” the prior night.

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  1. Yeah

    love u Rihsus


  2. Mook

    Rihsus? wtf haha


  3. rod

    Much respect to rihanna!


  4. Abby

    #teambreezy for life!!!!


  5. eric

    thanx riri 4 this honor…now teambreezie can have his freedom to prove to the world his talent for music….STILL CAN BE TOGETHER IF U CAN…lovebirds/romeo n juliet


  6. Bayology

    Chris breezy


  7. StarsRblind

    I don’t get the her finding forgiveness part, she forgave him way before any of this. She didn’t want the restraining order in the first place, the judge forced it. Lol @ molest anyway


  8. OMGZ watch OUT

    he gonna wack you again


  9. Beystanbish

    Lol @ rihsus. Pure blasphemy


  10. eliana

    this is good.


  11. king

    love u rihanna u is the best go buy loud


  12. BlackPressRadio

    Dumb and Dumber. What a bonehead, dumbass thing to do. Talk about career suicide! Who consult this wayward woman? Hopefully the judge will have the sense to save the taxpayers money by keeping this train wreck couple apart. He is a felon for a reason: He repeatedly abused a woman and now is homophobe and racist. The Grammys pulled the plug on him for a reason. She’s creepy and he’s a creep. What a waste! He is this generation’s R. Kelly.


  13. TowandaW

    Aww Awesome……….Rihanna you such a Darling *I’m soooooooo excited* and Breezy you have earned It *God is Great*


  14. KutamaObama

    Yeah…..two years for this. charlie Sheen is a walking time bomb & he gets nothing. A beat up or a knife held at the throat, which is worse. At least you can recover from a beat up but a knife held at the throat is just unexplanable, any little slip & it’s au revouir ……yet Chris gets the worst of punishment while the other, get a pay raise for his hit network show, where is the justice in that. Chris, stay strong brah, you r too talented to fail


  15. vladica07

    Im glad for him,everything is falling into its place.#TeamBreezy


  16. tiffany



  17. Rihtell'em

    Rihanna was against that order so her decision is right.
    Luv you Babii gurl and cant wait 4 the Grammy Performance. #GetLoud


  18. Ci-Error Failed

    Chris Brown STILL failed, ha!


  19. babygirl

    i love chris just hope not dating again


  20. ZANIA

    @BLACKPRESSRADIO Chris isn’t trying to get back with Rihanna, he wants his life back. Both have moved on. If you follow Chris you would know he is dating a girl name Karrueche. Rihanna has moved on too. Its for business reason.


  21. someone

    @ ZANIA, thank you for explaining it to hating ass people like BlackPressRadio and @ OMGZ watch Out whom are still living in the past and refuse to move on! That’s why I am so glad he is not going to be at the Grammys, proving to haters like these, that he isn’t trying to get next to Rihanna, his camp hasn’t even responded to the order yet! And I agree, if they get the hell out of the past, they would know, she didn’t want the order in the first place and they both have moved on.


  22. mistwalker

    BlackPressRadio u are an complete asshole not a half one! ugghhh move on whether u be man or woman i can see ur a bitter person!!! wat u say on here reflects ur personality. chris and riri have moved on geese!!!! get a life no matter how much u hate chris will not be stoped true talent cannot be held back much love to rihana an chris


  23. Domino MF



  24. Neickha

    Im glad they moved on much respect to both… dunn dunn dunn.


  25. Heminem

    Now shes single shes probably cravin some BROWN sugar!


  26. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Rihanna Reduces Restraining Order Against Chris Brown…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  27. Thomas

    Kudos to both Chris and Rihanna for moving forward, and putting the past behind them! Looking forward to seeing both perform this weekend.


  28. sugartarx

    I’m a fan of both of them but even though he aint goin to the grammy’s he has more of a reason to be there, since he’s got 3 nominations and rihanna’s got 1….


  29. Mr Xclusive

    @Ci-ErrorFailed right now he has a trending topic on twitter, i dont think he failed, but you just did


  30. latarchel

    i just wish the best that all i can say


  31. Taiyon Boddie

    But when chris AND rihanna getting back together


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