Video: 50 Cent Explains Why He Named His Dog Oprah

A well-groomed 50 Cent suited up for his appearance on Wednesday’s “Conan.” The music mogul chopped it up with the late-night host about shoveling snow with neighborhood kids, talking dirty on Twitter, his Sleek by 50 Cent headphones, flirting with Gayle King, and why he named his dog and cat Oprah and Gayle.

“At first I thought Oprah Winfrey didn’t like hip-hop, so I didn’t like her and I hadn’t had a chance to meet her, so I felt it was wrong to hate someone that you hadn’t had a chance to meet. So I bought the dog, so now I love Oprah. She listens to me and everything,” explained Curtis.


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  1. D.G.T

    What’s up with this dude lately??! Need to sit down somewhere. He wanna get rid of a site, Oprah can erase him with one look. lol.


  2. GRRRR

    Oh come on, D.G.T. give him a chance. At least he didn’t get an ice-cream tat on his face.


  3. Chri$

    fitty got syle!!!!


  4. @lukasfakhouri

    he didn’t like Oprah because he felt she didn’t like hip-hop? wow


  5. kiki

    Haha i love this guy i don’t even have twitter but i read his tweets and it’s good day for the rest. Plus, his smile is big but somewhat a cheeky one :P


  6. Rob

    He’s a hopeless thug and a moron.


  7. Phoenix_Wright

    He is funny sometimes, but what a coon


  8. m.

    Didn’t oprah come out to its yo birthday 50 song on her show like a few weeks before 50 started saying he didn’t like her, he must have missed that.


  9. bunny69

    He didn’t really “say” he sugar-coated it. Basically, since Oprah has spoken out about being against rappers who disrespect women, that’s what made 50 mad.. since you know he uses “b****” and “h**” in his raps and thinks it’s okay. So he named his female dog Oprah, cuz he thought Oprah was a b****. I’m glad he’s cool with her now.

    On another note, why the hell that dog’s leg always broken?? 50 you betta be nice to the damn dog!!! He speaks to it so rough, 50 you gotta speak gently baby!

    He looked so damn sexy….


  10. Kevin UK

    Goes to show you that an uneducated fool with a Million Dollars is STILL AN IDIOT. He is a fool. Why earth is he coming for Oprah like that. He is a waste of time. I have no time for nasty bullies. I respect Oprah for not responding to all this in any way form or shape.

    In fact I hope Fifty dies soon…I am sure Oprah can arrange that after all she owns a world called Oprah Mafia!!


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