Video: Chris Brown Dances to Rick James’ ‘Cold Blooded’

Chris Brown shows off his fancy footwork in his latest webisode. Clad in a Bathing Ape pullover, a green fitted, and sweatpants, the “Look at Me Now” singer breaks it down to Rick James’ “Cold Blooded,” leading a pack of four backup dancers as he freestyle dances to the funky jam. Catch Breezy and company in action as they get down with the get down.

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  1. Yeah

    chris (overrated flop) brown can dance


  2. babygirl

    i love it. he’s a good dancer


  3. Yeah

    lol no but for real, this is weird but he can sorta dance


  4. Nicole

    LOVE IT!


  5. Vera

    he can sorta dance?! lmao


  6. breezy swiss



  7. B-Rad

    OMG! LOL dude cannot dance to save his life LOL! The backup dancers move way betta than he does… LOL


  8. Claris

    he can’t dance?? thats crazy, if you understand popping then you wouldn’t say that. His hits are nice n the waves. I love how he is learning lots of different styles. Dope


  9. ZANIA

    Chris is the best dancer in the industry. He is an allround talent. I go to clubs all the time, and men just stand around, looking dumb. I love a man who can dance because I am a dancer. Chris can do freestyle, street dances and choreography. The haters need to fall back, I bet you can’t dance.


  10. Neickha

    Chris is really talented and is passionate about his singing/dancing and everything he does. I wish he would’ve showed the female dancers. But anywho he looked liked he had fun. And he was freestyling.Obviously the people who are saying he sorta kinda can dance, haven’t seen other videos than this. Breezy can dance his butt off.


  11. RideIn

    hmm.. i think hes back , Rihanna dress you warmly !!


  12. tiffany

    chris brown is an exemple for the young dancers

    he will saty in the memories for his performances, that’s sure

    men!! he even dance better than his dancers!!


  13. B-Rad

    Dude is Whack 4 Real! I’ve been dancing since the age of 5 and majoring in Dance… And I’m telling u this dude CANNOT DANCE!! Only people says he can dance are those who can’t dance themselves… SMH “(Tragic)”


  14. almostpia

    Can’t wait to see the two songs he will perform at SNL!! I am so happy & proud of him and his talent.

    I feel sorry for those who have too much hate in their hearts. Hate only aggravates you internally.


  15. almostpia

    This video was really fun and it’s just a snippet of what he can do.


  16. Stre3t Danc@



  17. shut up

    @ yea, you really need to get a life, better yet, get a damn job and a life! I really do think you just wait around sitting at the neighbor’s computer waiting on a post about CB. It’s called stalking, get help! @ B-Rad, the only ones that say CB can’t dance are the pretenders claiming they can dance, but probably can’t. If you are all that, then where are you in videos, have you even taught any artist’s how to dance in videos or on stage? I’m guessing no, then shut the hell up hating on CB, dude can dance hands down, take all that bullshit you talking else where, cause that’s what it is bullshit, you ain’t nothing but a regular hater!


  18. Burgerjones

    Hes a modern day minstrel show.


  19. TowandaW

    Breezy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT’


  20. Jay

    CB is STILL the best!!


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