Who Will Win Best Rap Album at the 53rd Annual Grammys?

Jay-Z, Drake, and Eminem

From O.G.s to newbies, this year’s Grammy nominees for Best Rap Album pit newcomers against some of the genre’s biggest titans.

During the 53rd annual ceremony, New York competes against Detroit with Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 going head-to-head with Eminem’s best-selling album of 2010 Recovery. B.o.B and Drake earn nods for their respective debuts The Adventures of Bobby Ray and Thank Me Later, while The Roots hold it down as the sole hip-hop group to be honored for their 11th studio album How I Got Over.

Who’s got the Best Rap Album under their belt? Cast your vote below, and see who takes home the trophy on Sunday night’s broadcast.

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  1. Queen Beyonce

    i voted drizzy…


  2. Natasha

    “Recovery” – Eminem


  3. Yup !

    Did black ppl even buy Recovery….?

    Is Anything on that album worth playing…? Ha !

    Blueprint Nigga…..

    Ha !


  4. Mook

    Eminem better not win!


  5. saadkid08

    why the heck is bp3 still on that list?


  6. Slomotion

    Rick Ross had the best album of the year by far!


  7. OnlyBoy

    where is Kanye!?!?!?


  8. Ciara Fan

    JayZ talks about the same thing over and over. Personally, I think hes run out of stuff to talk about. You have to experience life to have valuable lyrics, hence the reason why he constantly talks about his money or the fact that hes on some ‘new shlt’
    Drakes album put me to sleep. It reminds me of Frank Sinatra and his producer is said to be sick of some deadly disease, i hope it progresses quickly so that drake wont have to use those tired boring beats anymore… I hope he cuts out the singing, he sounds silly. The echo technique used in his beats baffle me as to why people want to hear that canadian trash.
    Eminem is a talented artist, i hope he wins.
    B.O.B. shouldnt have been nominated, they are good but not enough to win
    The Roots are notably recognized for their music, and the drummer is more famous than the group itself…the lyrics are mediocre and although the lyrics reflect someone who has lived life and doesnt brag on money and being better than the next person (clears throat **JayZ**) I think the beats could win if a category existed
    Ok im done…carry on


  9. Ciara Fan

    @onlyboy Kanye is not nominated because he dropped his album after the entrance deadline. September is the cut off and we all know Kanyes album came out in November. I hope that answers your question.


  10. hiphop202

    big boi had the best album in 2010


  11. Rosewood

    Em definitely.


  12. ohshit

    obviously slim shady is gonna win it.


  13. N.M

    Eminen all the way!!!


  14. RK

    It’s almost guaranteed that Recovery will take this easily seeing as its up for Album of the year aswell. I personally think both Thank Me Later and the Blueprint 3 were better all round albums but hey that’s the Grammys for ya.


  15. will

    @yup no body care if black people didnt buy the recovery.eminem raps his ass of on the album.so he suppose to win that shit


  16. sokleva

    bp3 not meant to be day its outdated….big boi should have been nominated…..but em for the award


  17. Yeah

    I hope Em gets everything attach with Rihanna name :))


  18. Kyle

    If it were up to me personally, I would want Jay-Z to take it but you all know damn well that Eminem is going to win it. His album was critically acclaimed, especially considering that people thought his career was spiralling downward after “Relapse.” Two albums that I really think were overlooked in this category were Big Boi’s and Nas & Damien Marley’s collaborative album. If Big Boi was included in the nominees, I would want him to take it. Such a great album!


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    Blue Print 3 is on the list because in 2009 it missed the grammy deadline which is August 31. His album came out in September of 09 so it wasnt on the 2010 grammy noms.

    Anyway I didn’t even listen to 3 albums up there LOL. But I know it has to be between Drake, Jay, & Em. I hope drake gets it, but Jay & Em probably do deserve it just as much (I did hear their albums were good).


  20. Phoenix_Wright

    btw if B.o.B gets it I will be like O_o. No SHADE, but that album was just ok to me. I could think of a few rap albums that can take it’s place on this list.


  21. Stre3t Danc@

    Blueprint 3 !


  22. Rap Fan

    Jay or Drake


  23. Beacon

    PUSH THE DAMN CUTOFF DATE BACK TO DECEMBER 1-that’s how you fix the problem.

    If that means the Grammys in April, so be it.


  24. AC

    Big Boi and Rick Ross totally got screwed here. B.o.B.’s album was great but should not be nominated and as much as I love the Roots they should not be nominated either.
    My nominations
    Teflon Don- Rick Ross
    BluePrint 3- Jay-Z
    Recovery- Eminem
    Thank Me Later-Drake
    Sir Lucius Left Foot:Son of Chico Dusty-Big Boi

    It’s pretty obvious Eminems gonna win. He better not beat out Kanye’s Power for best rap song


  25. Sergio

    OK look drakes album was boring jay z is old and that song with alicia keys was trash the roots ar like wtf they suck at rappin and b.o.bs album was jut good but u know too soft the album that just goes hard is emine so eminem beta win


  26. Nicole #TeamMinaj

    I voted Jay, although his album was from 09… I could listen to Jay-Z all day everyday, Eminem… about once or twice a month.


  27. Mr Xclusive

    Em or Drake

    jay’s album is irrelevant

    and the roots and bob blow koala penis


  28. TRA

    I believe that Eminem will win Best Rap Album. Eminem had the best selling album of 2010, so it’s going to be hard for his compeition to beat him this year. When it comes to the Grammy Awards, they don’t always honor albums that got great reviews, and lower album sales. In order to win Grammy Awards nowadays, your album has to have commercial success and critical success all at the same time. Even though Eminem had the best selling album of 2010, I don’t believe that he had the best album of the year either. Big Boi, Rick Ross, and Kanye West put out better albums than Eminem this year, but neither of them sold more records than Eminem, that’s why I think Eminem is going to win. Big Boi and Rick Ross should had been nominated since their albums got great reviews. The Grammy Awards were totally wrong for not nominating Big Boi and Rick Ross. If Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album would had came out in September, instead of November, Kanye West could had given Eminem a run for his money. Now Kanye West has to wait until 2012 to compete for any Grammy Awards. There were plenty of albums that got better reviews than Eminem, but those artists won’t win because their record sales were bad. Due to lack of compeition and lack of challenge, I think Eminem will win this award this time around.


  29. Brionna

    I want Drake to win but they got to give it to Eminem


  30. jacob keseloff

    Eminem is wack… Its all about drake …and y is jay z even on this


  31. hiphopbeendead

    white boy is going to win duh! its the grammy’s even tho recovery was horse shit


  32. Jon

    BLUEPRINT 3!!!


  33. Neickha

    It’s defenitly between Drake and Eminem. I’ve heard all three. And the homie Eminem is taking this home. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake won.


  34. Dillon_68

    I voted Blueprint 3, but every other album on the list is great.


  35. Heminem

    Obviously Em. Its the only album nominated for album of the year! so ovcourse its gonna win. Its a 101% chance!


  36. Lil' Nello

    Em will win although Big Boi should have been nominated & won! Whoever said about the cut-off date I been saying for years they should change it from what it currently is to a full beginning of January to end of December actual calendar year!


  37. JIMMY




  38. M4L

    As much as I love Drake and his album.. I think Eminem will win this award.


  39. AMX

    Vote 4 Jay-Z


  40. aghte1

    Eminem’s album was wayy better then drakes and jayz so I go with recovery sold the most lyrical content word play and methapors were sick had succesfull singles recovery deff taking it.


  41. fat boy

    Em or Jay. Voted BP3. Kick droopy drake to the rnb section asap.


  42. Ashlei

    Probably Eminem..I don’t care as long as Drake doesn’t, honestly.


  43. DetoxIsComingNowHellYeah

    i want Jigga or the Roots to win but eminems gonna win (hes white thats why)


  44. Fan Ov A Fan

    i like eminem but im tired of him winning all the time when it comes to the rap category :L

    i would like to see someone else win for a change.

    and i voted for drake :D


  45. ugurekin

    b.o.b’s cool but rest of garbage


  46. killa k

    Drizzy defn


  47. Zelther

    Drake Forever!
    I Hate Jay-Z!


  48. Eddie

    The Roots deserve this more than anybody else on this list, Eminem is still great, Jay-Z is old, Drake is overrated, and B.O.B. Just shouldn’t be allowed in this category. And to whoever said Questlove is the most famous guy in the group, think again, all the other members are well known, and to whoever said that the lyrics are mediocre, you must have not heard How I Got Over, it reflects on society and Black Thought(Lead MC) is one of the dopest MCs to ever get on the mic, I honestly think BlackThought is better than Jay-Z combined. The Roots are a mixture of great music and great and positive lyrics. They deserve this more than anyone. Keep real Hip Hop alive!


  49. Sergio

    eminem deserve this award come on eminem is not overrated ike lil wayne and beiber seriously come on now u people dnt knwo about music


  50. Mitcholos

    Cant Stand Drake- Jay Z Is My Hero- And You Know What Hero’s Look Like These Days- Eminem Took Us On A TRIP In 2010- LOVE IT.. So I Voted Eminem.. I Really Hate Drake’s Voice And Music..


  51. Ed

    Ppl need to get off drakes Canadian dick, he is the most overrated rapper right now, the bp3 was dope but idk why so many ppl are bashing recovery, he spits like a beast on that shit, and it actually has some substance, thank god he’s back cuz rap has been in a state of emergency forma long time, I’m happy to see this year saw some great albums like west,big boi ,jay and em, but overall em’s was the best. Not only the does he spit fire but like I said he actually raps with meaning, and the biggest thing about it…….he put out a disappointing mediocre album in 09′ and then totally scrapped the follow up and started from scratch…..after all that recovery turned out to be arguably one of his top three albums…..how many rappers can put out two albums in 12 mths while making a serious comeback…..a ” recovery” if you will


  52. JD

    I swear Kanye west’s album twisted dark fantasy is one of the best albums I have ever heard, Blame game, Appalled, Power and dark fantasy are INCREDIBLE. I hope so bad he wins next year he’s AMAZING!!! It’s a true album it all flows from song to song, I wish more artist could come out with such music. :(


  53. ultrakid

    its hard to say….i think eminems going to get it because it did sell the most 2010 and had a hell of an impact. but jays album came out in 2009 and I still hear his songs on the radio he’s definitely going to win best collab with “empire state of mind” that song wont go away its an anthem…”on to the next one” also still gets heavy rotation..


  54. Toni

    Jay-Z all the way, Eminem Crack a bottle
    let your body waddle…oh oh oh oh cracks
    me up. If he thinks that’s a hit he’s so
    mistaken really. Go Jay-Z !!!!!


  55. Treigh

    i voted eminem recovery eminem is my man i have so much respect for him


  56. angel

    eminem is the one to take it,no matter what


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