Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars, & B.o.B Rehearse for Grammys

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe stormed the stage at the Staples Center during rehearsals for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards today in Los Angeles. The two-time nominee will perform at Sunday’s show alongside her labelmates B.o.B and Bruno Mars, who also ran through their sets.

Legendary music mogul Clive Davis said that the “Tightrope” singer is his pick for best new artist of the year, even though she did not get nominated in that category. She will perform in front of Davis, Whitney Houston, R. Kelly, and other famous faces at the pre-Grammy gala tomorrow night in Beverly Hills.

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  1. nicole



  2. Dave

    All my faves about to throw down. All Bruno backup singers look like “How u dewin?” in that picture.


  3. Noringtone

    Janelle Monae looks beyond amazing.


  4. Cjklfjd

    She looks special.

    But YASSS for Kellz.


  5. Neickha

    This is going to ve a good show.


  6. Ghetto Fab

    I’m so glad they let Janelle perform on the big stage. She’s gonna tear it up. This is the perfect exposure for her. There’s nobody like her at the moment. She represents a golden era of black music and her band is wicked.


  7. yin-and-yang



  8. TowandaW

    She’s soooooooooooooooooooo Adorable Go J’


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    [...] Pictures via Rap-Up [...]

  10. TeamTM

    best new artits of the year on the same post.

    bruno mars and janelle need to win all their grammys,Bob will sadly lost for Em :(


  11. Ebony

    Awesome… Janelle Monáe and Bobby Ray are two of my favs. They’re both so creative and unique in a field of conformity. All three of them will definitely rock the arena.. and look stunning in the process.


  12. World Spinner

    Rap-Up.com || Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars, & B.o.B Rehearse for Grammys…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  13. Leilani

    Is R. Kelly really gonna be there? R. Kelly don’t really do awards shows unless he’s winning or performing. If Kellz is gonna be there I might watch.


  14. fizzle

    Janelle looks so cute, glad to see her out of that suit & tie combo.


  15. dddd

    I hate janelle monaé, having an ugly ass haircut and some suit or any other extravagant clothes does not turn you into a good singer. Go get you a proper girl style darling.


  16. A

    I’m going to leave a message of great positivity to erase the hateful dddd’s message. Janelle, I wish you all the luck in what you’re trying to achieve, to change somebody’s world by inspiring them with your music, to empower and encourage the people. I admit I too wasn’t a fan of the hairstyle at first but your music is delightful (understatement). Now I love your music and what you stand for, I love the hairstyle (it’s pretty cool :P)

    dddd clearly has no musical ear because you’re a phenomenal singer, being versatile, you can sing in so many different style and so elaborately yet refined. Couldn’t ask for more in a musician or singer or songwriter. Everyone has haters but there are so many people that love and appreciate you :)


  17. J Fan

    Janelle Monae has a recognisable style at the moment, but back when she was in the Morris Brown vid for Outkast etc she had a cute afro and cute forties style girlie clothes and got little recognition. She now is gettign recognition so obviously the new style is working. Moreover from that it’s the music that counts and she is a fantastic singer having heard her live and working in the music industry myself, plus has had rave reviews by people whose business it is to review these things due to their years of experience in doing so. And she’s been nominated for two Grammys which means the industry not only the public, think she’s something pretty special. So basically these people where her music isn’t their cup of tea instead of just realising this are actaully writing hate about her. What a waste of their time and also their comments have no place in fact. It’s merely their opinion based on very little knowledge and they should spend their time doing something else that’s more positive. Otherwise they are basically a negative waste of space on this planet.


  18. Roger Moore


    No kidding, bald would be an improvement.

    What is it anyway, smurfs meet Grace Jones?

    I’m not a hater btw, maybe the girl is fantastic, I don’t know her, or anything about her. Other than she has very poor taste in hairdos.


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