New Music: Bruno Mars f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Grenade (Remix)’

Bruno Mars and Lil Wayne

Bruno Mars tosses the “Grenade” to Lil Wayne on the official remix to his chart-topping single off his debut Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Keeping the original intact, Weezy adds a romantically-minded verse to the beginning of the song, rapping, “Broken heart, love you with a broken heart/ For you, I’d jump off Noah’s Ark/ Love is blind and hope is dark/ Why does pain feel so good/ Love is science, live for you, die for you/ And I’ll die smiling.” Listen to the explosive pairing below.

[Karen Civil]

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  1. Yeah

    sounds like Drake…it’s official Wayne has gon soft


  2. saio

    this is bullshit
    grenade don’t need a remix
    wayne ruin the song


  3. ReallyRaw

    you’re such a retard for real. How is wayne gonna rap all thugged out on such a smooth record.


  4. Yeah

    nothing special


  5. nicole



  6. fidelix

    nys remix,i’m loving records from the sober wayne.fuck hatters


  7. m.

    Love Bruno! I have no problem with Wayne switching up his lyrics but this really sound like Drake with Wayne snatching credit.


  8. drizzyy

    what are you people talking about, this is crazyyy i wish he had more lyrics !!!


  9. JHP

    It’s pretty cool, he didn’t add much to it, but it’s pretty cool, I can rock with this


  10. Yeah

    @ReallyRaw it was a compliment dummy, soft as in he has a heart LMAO


  11. TeamTM



  12. ym

    U ppl need to stop been haterz that was a good Song, plus wayne did his shit.


  13. heeey

    WTF ARE YALL TALKING BOUT, this song goes in i just wish lil wayne had more parts! yalll are crazy, and it does not sound like drake at all! step yall music game up quick! :)


  14. Shady

    wayne didnt add shit to this, just 30 seconds at the beginning.. he should had a verse later in the song imo.. But I dont think this song needs a remix..


  15. StarsRblind

    @heeey you said it right, haters you can kill yourself. If you didn’t think the song needed a remix, why’d you listen to it? The remix is official anyway, so don’t blame him for doing his job and sending in a verse for people who paid for it and put it out #justsaying


  16. JustSayin

    Wayne did his thing


  17. Music

    Wayne did very good !!!!!!! haters will always talk…


  18. angelnikki

    This is not a remix. This is an add on. Remember when people couldn’t wait for remixs because the artists took their time and it became a whole new song, not just one new line. Wayne has done better, though I do like him sober. Takes me back to old Wayne before Young Money when every single line made sense and was fire. But of course no one really listened then.

    Overall thoughts: Waynes= ok


  19. Why Ask

    I hate when dumb ass kids throw around the word “hating/haters” just because someone doesnt agree.

    Lil Wayne did nothing to the song. He just added 35 seconds of a weak verse. They didnt change the beat or did something different with Burno part. Where did the real DJ’s go?


  20. Neickha

    The song is already annoying…no need for a remix.. Passion pit did one.


  21. yasss

    This is sick !! love it !!! wayne always kills it !!!!!


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  23. ym

    So much hate y ppl.


  24. rg

    Wayne with a very deep verse. Props B.R.A!!


  25. EbonyPearl

    If there are any BLACK WOMEN out there still listening to Lil Wayne….please work on your self esteem. We can’t support a man that has no respect for his Mother, Daughter, Aunts or sisters…Lil Wayne is so obsessed with Redbones….But he is Dark…He hates himself…and we need to teach our children to love themselves…Lil Wayne is nothing but NEGATIVITY!!!


  26. ktlyn

    OMG Hell yes. i liked it i think lil wayne is sick.i think he mad the song better .i love the remix


  27. Llandel

    The original 1 is the best 1 & the only way to go with. This is a smooth song & it doesn’t need a remix it can stand on its own, that’s y it’s still in the top ten still, I’m tire of lil wayne trying to get into everyones songs quit already u ain’t best rapper alive Eminem is!


  28. BiBi

    Who ever is hatin on this is crazy…wayne is really talented. Even if you dont like him, you still gotta give him credit….he has skill n its real n raw. I LOVE the “add on” or “remix” what ever you wanna call it. I love the original but his add on in the beginning is deep. HATERS STOP HATING.!! haha


  29. ser

    i say we put a grenade in bruno mars ass because he chokes


  30. faitheguos



  31. Ugo



  32. sharee.Bee

    The song is amazing wayne killed it..Ebony shut the hell up you dont know what you are talking about HATER :) Because regaurdless of how you feel.. he still gone get his ijs


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