Video: Nelly Stars in Ford Explorer Commercial

Nelly faces creative differences in the new commercial for Ford Explorer, one of three ads set to air during this Sunday’s Grammy Awards. While blasting his single “Gone” featuring Kelly Rowland in the whip’s new Sony audio system, the St. Lunatic argues with the director after he makes questionable decisions to shoot off fireworks and include women dancing in fake snow. Find out if Nelly gets his way in the comedic clip.

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  1. muni

    You better promote “GONE”


  2. a fan got to keep it real

    I like nelly and Kelly working together but I hope they don’t have to form a group to remain relevant, I want nelly to stand on his own.


  3. AnkKA

    can Nelly be any hotter than this?? Xx He’s just too sexy!


  4. philly11

    Ha. that was funny


  5. Grace

    “We’re Collaborating!”


  6. Lisa

    Cute and damn Nelly fione!


  7. Nelly

    Yummmmalicious!! I was half asleep when I saw this commercial air. Seeing something that smokin hot woke me right up! Go Ford…you guys are getting smart.


  8. Nelly

    p.s. Luv U Nelly


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