Jay-Z Celebrates with Rihanna, Beyoncé, & Will Smith at Pre-Grammy Brunch

Beyoncé and Rihanna

Despite battling bronchitis and laryngitis, Rihanna still got fired up for Grammy weekend by joining her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z at the Gucci and Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch held at Soho House in West Hollywood on Saturday (Feb. 12). Mrs. Carter also held court, while her sister Solange worked the ones and twos. The star-studded affair drew Will Smith, Cassie, Ne-Yo, The-Dream, Adrienne Bailon, Florence Welch, and more. Scope out the scene below.

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  1. Queen Beyonce

    im guessin bey didnt walk the red carpet? but ive seen pics n e wayzzz #rocnation


  2. beyonce fan

    damn bey in this shy shit is bugging me


  3. Music Lover

    wheres beyonce?????????????????


  4. BeyonceBreezy

    Where’s Beyonce?
    Rihanna looks like sideshow bob from the simpson, girl get that wig off your damn head.


  5. xedos

    You guys need to come to the conclusion that Rihanna don’t give a fuck. she just do her can’t say that about lots of celeb. She never follow she leads


  6. j j

    OMG CASSIE!!!!!!!!!! <3


  7. jamie

    lmfao… sideshow bob… nah shes still sexy

    Wheres the queen though ???? i need pics of Bee :(


  8. Beyonce is the Queen !

    you guys..Beyonce ain’t doing no red carpet or going to any awards show unless she’s performing or nominated for heaps of awards.

    i miss her !!


  9. silly love

    Okayyyy… I just came to the conclusion that ALL of the people above me are THE SAME PERSON!three of which is the same time!!!

    Coincidence? I think not!

    Lol, crazy bey stans…smh


  10. Tami

    Yeah I doubt Bey will be at the Grammys too.But Jay is going!And where is lil Willow?Smh how is Will gonna come without her.Lol


  11. silly love

    *everyone except jj and jaime…


  12. Harvey

    Cassie&Lauren London they look hella good…cant wait till cassie album drops this year with the dope tracks wit MARIO WINANS produceing them.plus she in the studio to night yess;)


  13. georgia peach

    On any normal person that wig would look Weak!!!
    But like EVERY one of her hairstyles, rihanna rocks it out!!!

    She makes slideshow bob look sexiii!!!!lmaoo


  14. Jessica

    Hold the fuck up!!! WTF is Adriane Cassie Lauren london, Solange All doing there?? WTF do they do for a Living??SMFH


  15. Well Damn

    Lmfao thats the first thing i thought of when i seen Rihannas hair. SideShow Bob lol.


  16. Reddboi*Stan4Bey

    Ugh!! I only clicked on this to see BEY!! *tear* hopefully she’ll make an appearance at the granny’s tommorrow!! #lehgo.


  17. Dizzle

    i hope rihanna change that her for her performance or else #icantwatch xD lol


  18. Reddboi*Stan4Bey

    Lol I meant Grammys! Dam android lmao


  19. Nait Phoenix

    Is it me or is Beyonce looking less glamorous than before? I hate seeing one of my favorite artists not looking her best.


  20. TeamTM






  22. bijan

    rihanna looks weird. cassie looks hot as fuck


  23. xedos

    @Jessica i guess they have a jump off guess list.


  24. Nano

    Where is B? …. She looks so Blonde …. Like Mariah …. And Rihanna … She really looks great!.


  25. Heminem

    Beyonce lookin old. I think Jay is aging her, tryna bring her closer to 40.



  26. Jrizzy

    Beyonce looks so different compared to a few years ago. :( Stressed?


  27. Phoenix_Wright

    Beyonce looks good, but damn she look white! lol no problem jus saying. Damn so many people were here


  28. Lisa

    Lauren London & Rihanna look so cute! Beyonce looks average.


  29. LoesLove

    Is that carrot top or rihanna?


  30. RiQueen

    Rihanna looks fabulous despite her flu…..she always pulls off her own style..*never follows de trend like some oda dumb celebs*….Bey looks like the sick one…or shd i say bey looks like a nurse..dat dress looks funny,why all de folds???,wake up bey dis is 2011 not 1999!


  31. White B

    why does beyonce look like a white woman


  32. Beyonce is the Queen !

    Beyonce needs to get back in shape before the release of her next album… she’s looks so different now..

    @ Silly Love
    No I’m not one of the others..I’ve had this name for a while.


  33. Mike

    Beyonce looks great! I LOVE her hair this blonde, i always thought she looked better with her hair really light (ala the “Lose my Breath” music video from 2004).


  34. godson

    Rihanna!!! Dreams of the marrow hath the shattered soul, pride is lost, wings stripped away, the end is nigh, even if the marrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return. If this world seeks my destruction, it goes with me.


  35. ARJ

    Beyonce needs her teeth whitened.

    Beyonce and Rihanna are almost half as hot as Cassie. FACT


  36. kiki

    Face it, Beyonce is going on 30 so she is going to age doesn’t matter how much make-up is used or her body fluctuates or gains a little, it will come to us all. Everyone overall looks good.


  37. king

    Rihanna look better than Cassie


  38. Brixonne

    I know she’s tryna be a “rebel” but that hair.. They’re is no way anyone thinks that looks good.. Ugh she should defenitly wear it straigt or down and not pinned up…Any way can’t wait until the grammys….


  39. Flake

    Everyone looks Great BUT,

    Beys needs to lose some weight,tan her skin and get that terrible lace front off her head. I like her, but thats the truth.

    Rihanna looks like a cross between Chucky, A chichihuahua and an alien. She looks ridiculous with that red hair.



    S/o to the girl/ gay guy that said beyonce and rihanna is half of cassie!BYE!!!!!!

    And shoutout to the gay guy/girl that said rihanna looks like chucky, a dog, and alien combined…obviouly ur not attracted to women


  41. The Queen Of Pop/R&B Beyoncé

    where is bey is theres only the pic in with rihanna smh


  42. Becky T

    Bey has lost touch !her luks are now becomin HISTORY !


  43. marcus

    BEYONCE is getting her skin ready for the debut promos…she does this each time.. she has her skin pealed and cleanse….

    and she havent been out in the sun….. now as for the agein… shes not 17 or 21 nomore guys. she’s bout to be 30.. So OUR be is aging beforew our eyes. and by her being so beautiful.. we can tell each thing.


  44. tmshow

    rihana u rock,ur red develish angelic hair makes me go nuts


  45. mal

    Finally!! Atleast MARCUS knows the deal! Beyonce still beautiful make up or no make up!! RiRi looks hot too but i think she has a bronzer on because shes also naturally very pale!


  46. Lil' Nello

    Ri, Cassie & Lauren all look pretty stunning & B looks like her age is starting to show although she’s still beautiful!


  47. maya

    Bey & Ri both look a hot ass mess, smh Adrienne Bailon looks pretty tho.


  48. maya

    beyonce is working on her 4th album btw! she’ll be bac next yr. 2 snatch grammy’s!!!


  49. girl20

    cassie and lauren london is soooooooooooooooooo overated i do not even know why they bother showing their faces.those sluts!


  50. From Tokyo

    I like Beyonce’s pantsuit!Rihanna’s dress is nice, and her hair would be, too, if styled a little differently. I don’t like it in the front.


  51. From Tokyo

    People talking about age – since when is late 20s/30s a point where age is “beginning to show” in America? In Japan, I can understand – not America.


  52. TowandaW

    Beyonce and Rihanna both look absolutely Stunning *Ladies Lets Go*


  53. rockwitu



  54. Cindy

    My Girl riri looks great!! don’t care wat u damn haters say.. Has any one noticed dat Beyonce’s getting really old,she luks so old and tired in all her pics nowadays.. she’s jst 29..


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