Who Will Win Record of the Year at the 53rd Annual Grammys?

Eminem, Jay-Z, and B.o.B

The nominees for Record of the Year at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards boast a strong urban presence. While last year’s honorees included Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and winners King of Leon, hip-hop and R&B dominates in 2011.

Eminem, who is up for a whopping 10 awards this year, shares a nod with Rihanna for their smash collabo “Love the Way You Lie.” B.o.B and Bruno Mars may find themselves accepting the award for “Nothin’ on You,” while Jay-Z’s first No. 1 single “Empire State of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys rounds out the dynamic duos. Cee Lo Green’s profanity-laced single “F**k You” also caught Grammy voters’ attention, and country group Lady Antebellum rounds out the category with “Need You Now.”

Who will take home the coveted Record of the Year at tomorrow’s show? Put in your bid below.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    Damn this is hard! Nothing on You, Empire State of Mind, and Love the Way You Lie. One of those 3 have to get it.

    Hope BoB & Bruno get it though cause that was my song for a while


  2. Rebl Fleur

    I have to go with Empire State of Mind. Brilliant, timeless anthem.


  3. Natasha

    “Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem & Rihanna


  4. ReallyRaw

    lmao, u alrdy know jay gon get it. Do u even know what the record accomplished. it replaced frank sinatras’ NY-anthem. look it up.


  5. ReallyRaw

    Thats why i like the grammys. they dont care about whos popular. the just review the tracks quality. instead of a bunch of retards mass-voting on justin bieber etc.


  6. TeamTM

    I want Bruno and B.O.B but CEELO WILL TAKE OVER This one


  7. EmsFaveFan



  8. sokleva

    bobby ray


  9. Shady

    Personally I choose Empire State, But its obvious Eminem will win this..


  10. idina

    Rarely in music has such a serious topic like domestic violence turns into a global anthem and a number one song

    So I’m for “love the way you lie”…but ceelo might come up and grab it!


  11. Yeah

    any thing with Rihanna!! :)


  12. Christian

    And 4 out of 5 are BLACK. Mad PROUD.


  13. Max

    Wait REALLY?! Love the Way You Lie?! I still can’t believe that shit is on here. It should be ESM for SURE that was an absolute anthem.


  14. Queen Beyonce

    empire state of mind SHOULD WIN!!!


  15. ait

    its between lie and empire


  16. Nait Phoenix

    I think it should be Need You Now. That song is so emotional. I love it so much. It’ll probably be Love the Way You Lie because of the major spins it got and because it’s just Eminem.


  17. Smash

    Empire State Anthem…Deserves a Grammy


  18. 106

    ESM was hands down the best song on this list.


  19. laura

    Its possible that Lady A could take it. If you think about it the votes are going to slit between Eminem, Jay Z and b.o.b as well as Ceo just because the genre of the song. However Lady A is the only country song, which could possibly give them the win. The grammys do love country, and that was a major cross over hit.


  20. RiQueen

    Love the way u lie!!!


  21. Daniel

    I don’t think Nothin’ On You will win. It did well worldwide but it’s lyrically weak compared to the other four nominations.

    I was anticipating that Kanye’s Power will be nominated but I was wrong. Lyrics are much more powerful and potent than the songs listed here


  22. agthe1

    Love the way you lie – Eminem


  23. tones

    Love the Way You Lie and Empire State of Mind will win it. There both also nominated in the same categories: Record and Song of the Year, Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. So I think Love the Way You Lie will take Song of the Year and Best Rap Song while Empire State of Mind will take Record of the Year and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Record of the Year is usualyy awarded to the song with most impact during the eligibility period and Empire still get played heavily on the radio, but LTWYE was the biggest song and video of the year, over 200 million views and 7 weeks at #1 while Empire spent 5 weeks at #1. Song of the Year is awarded to the songwriters, so which song was more successful and which had better lyrics.


  24. Jaymalls

    THe Win is going to “Love The Way You Lie” -> Just because its Eminem (SADLY!) TO bad the Grammys are for “Popular” music and not for REAL music thats not afraid to push boundaries, but to cross them… in result, inspiring the art…
    WIth that said, out of the nominees present, i would have to go for Empire State. Not just the sound, but the lyrics were the strongest… They captured the essence of what the Empire State’s all about.
    Disclaimer: Im From NY! ;)


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