Video: Rihanna and Drake Perform ‘What’s My Name?’ at Grammys

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna got close to Drake during their first-ever performance of “What’s My Name?” at Sunday’s Grammys. Dressed in a fringe skirt, the red-haired singer danced in front of a roaring bonfire as her Young Money co-star grinded up behind her. Watch as the dynamic duo turns up the temperature onstage.

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  1. Yeah



  2. Ghetto Fab

    Island Gyal Rihrih giving it to Drake! He wasn’t ready for that wine. You could tell the way she was laughing lol.

    West Indies to di Wooooooorld!!!!


  3. rod

    IM not gon lie I LOVED her dancing it looked very FUN a little raunchy but hey rihanna has came a long way!keep dancing in my opinion


  4. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ


    Not bad for being sick. Vocally I think she was a bit stronger in the first performance but Good JOB RIH. The rehearsal video brought the hype up for me but I was still impressed. The most consistent artist is a good description.


  5. meme

    catastrophic!! this performance was mess. When it ended i was waiting for her to do another song. It was so short and boring. Atleast she looked nice. that no one can deny


  6. king

    rihanna is sexy like fuk best of the nite


  7. Johnny

    vocally totally off, but if she was ill, it should be a good excuse.
    like her dance moves though…


  8. Zach P

    drake jizzed his pants


  9. Reasonable Voice

    Umm did you just say catastrophic? Catastrophic would be her performance at the 2009 AMA’s, boring, hardly any movement, etc. Plenty of movement, energy, and she really exceled especially considering she’s sick with bronchitis and laryngitis. Horrible throat viruses, i have no idea how she performed so I definitely give her props.


  10. Khloe

    I bet they fucked after the grammys!


  11. Kera

    A lot of ummmm.. sexual tension lmaoo. Rihanna is so sexy! Her body is just heavenly!


  12. jammin on the beat:)

    What r u hearing! She sounded good…ppl need to get past bs opinions of haters and just get down to facts, she looked, sounded and danced good…

    #sheesh ppl need to be honest with themselves smh


  13. king

    Rihanna show u ppl the islands work up


  14. meme

    anyone who reads this blog knows how much i stan for rihanna so if i can admit this performance was her worst and the worst of the night then it truely was.


  15. Curaçao 4 life

    Riri souded and looked amazing hot hot performance
    it was hot hot


  16. MadonnaLoves

    It was boring!
    And somebody should tell Rihanna that you should hold the mic up to your mouth when lip synching.


  17. Mmmmkay

    Same performance as the AMAs last year. Just Drake added.


  18. TT!

    She sounded like sh*t.
    And she was stiff as hell.


  19. king

    to me she did better than that devil bitch gaga even know she was sick


  20. LoesLove

    It was boring.Somebody should tell Rihanna that you should hold the mic up to your mouth when lip synching.


  21. Chris C.

    Everything was A1 until the screaming part (which she hardly ever does right) But after that part was over It got back to being great. Good Job Rih.


  22. MexicanMami

    Her vocals are nasty and horrible. And she was so stiff with her dancing.


  23. back2basics

    i really enjoyed this


  24. king

    love u rihanna get loud now


  25. Romans Mother

    It sucked.


  26. SmoothCriminal

    mi island gyal dem can wine,keep doing your thing Rihanna and drake,


  27. GRRRR

    What I really enjoyed about this was that the performance took me back to the ‘Music of the Sun’ days w/ the Carribean/island sort of music. Wonderful!


  28. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ


    If you couldn’t tell that she wasn’t lip synching that you need help.


  29. Giamma

    Haters to the left!


  30. Phoenix_Wright

    tell me yall ain’t say “aayyyyyyyeeeee” when rihanna & drake was grinding

    shit i kno I did! lol


  31. sagb

    she should sang alittle of S&M To promote it since its her new single


  32. ait

    damm the perfomance was .wounderful, damm i wish i was drake, the vocals where hot, dancing hot, overall perfomance was hot, so hot i could feel the heat from the tv screen. im officialy in love with rihanna


  33. dot

    Rhianna did a great job she performed well. For all you haters that said she didn’t go and get a life okay


  34. 2011k


    Naw, her WORST performance was “Disturbia” at the 2008 VMA’s…This sounds heavenly compared to that….


  35. Chica

    Rihanna has been and always be amazing! She’s talented, sexy and beautiful. Haters only hate cuz they jealous and wish they were her or whoever they be hating on!!!


  36. Natasha

    In MY opinion, Rihanna’s performance was one one of the bests, although it was was sexed-up. MY Bes Performance were :Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, B.O.B: are most definitely gifted and talented, they had by far the best performance of the night. it wasn’t sexed-up at all, only true talents. Thats what music should be about!! Justin bieber &Jaden Smith and Usher, Eminen feat. Rihanna, Dr. Dre and that lady. I missed the tribute to Aretha Franklin, no critic. The other performances Missed or I just didn’t care for.


  37. girl20

    this performance wasn’t good at all.everybody keeps saying she looks good but thats how she looks all the time so whats so new about that. plus they looked like a wanna be jay-z and beyonce on stage with the whole grabbing her ass and shit. she just did this performance so people can talk about her grinding on drake but the performance was shitty and drakes sorry ass decided to do this wack ass performance. drake sucked at the grammys for real this year.he could do better then that. I mean I like rihanna’s music but she is just a musician for show and her looks. she brings nothing new to industry that really stands out. but she will be done soon because the real queen bee beyonce is coming back into the scene. so rihanna can keep acting like a slut that she is.


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  39. iNatashaBoo

    This was the best performance of the nite now ri ri that hair was a no no but im happy cuz the girl is moving shit ya cant have it all I kinda wish she did s&m a lil 2


  40. From Tokyo

    “Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, B.O.B: are most definitely gifted and talented, they had by far the best performance of the night. it wasn’t sexed-up at all, only true talents.”

    Natasha, I love what you just said.


  41. king

    u is jus a Rihanna hater go and find a life go kill your salf or some thing evey body allways want to talk bout rihanna talk bout that devil bitch gaga no and and every time beyonce come out with new stuff she does the same thing all the time so wa fuk u talkin rihanna is the best get loud


  42. O.blaze

    Best part of d awards 4 me.


  43. This Is It

    Oh Yes Rihanna and drake make a porn yes yes!!


  44. Oh Na Na

    This was hot!! She usually performs this song just standing in one place & shaking her hips, but I loved that she was all over the stage & dancing like crazy!! Rihanna you need to dance more often (i.e. ALWAYS!)

    Her + Drake would make such a sexy couple.. and omg, I have to say it… I would love to watch those two having sex!! :D


  45. Abby

    Drake was makin some funny faces during that performance


  46. kanu43

    i told u she can’t sing


  47. Bri

    Ri Ri sounded pretty bad. The crowd barely even clapped after it was done so you know it was sorry Rihanna.


  48. Rihanna is a lot hotter in person!

    Hot performance. Chick has a hot body and stunning in person. I loved the performance just wished if it was longer. The guys and in fact a lot of the ladies were loving it on twitter. She got so many proposals from just this performance and her red carpet dress. So many people were asking her to marry them and be their valentine on twitter. I got a kick out of it.


  49. Chr♪$!


    don’t like drake thou! :(


  50. Mya

    The crowd was not feeling Rihanna’s performance look at their faces lol No Standing O here mama


  51. Im done

    This performance was garbage. I dont wanna hear the excuse she was sick even when she is perfectly fine her vocals live suck! Rihanna does the same 3 moves and shakes her ass like thats gonna change ppls opinions srry you dont do it like beyonce. PLZZ just sit in the audience next time and watch, let the real performers go on stage.


  52. Bajangrass

    I just want to say read all the comments so far and need to say this….. At the end of the day you could love or hate Rihanna, but the facts are this, more people in the WORLD eg. Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, China, Caribbean, Latin America, USA & else where love her music and buy it. That is how she got to where she is now.. She makes music for all. It is not just R&B, it has rock in it a little for the country crowd eg(california king bed), some soul, some caribbean vibes, and much more. Her music is diverse and appeals to the majority not minority. Rap only appeals to a rap audience give or take, r&b like wise give or take… So if you hate her remember you are just a minority in a fish pond of trillions and your opinion my count here but others have proven you wrong… Have a wonderful day/night……:)



    rhianna worked dat performance as well as drake ha ha i aint mad at chu drake lmao. i love her sexy island dance..


  54. World Traveller



  55. rihanna4everrr


    I DEFINETELY AGREE WITH YOU 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  56. love

    wtf…. rihanna is hot yes, she has wicked songs yes…….but this bitch cant dance….im from de Caribbean she doin it wrong she is a hot mess wtf….all of yall have 2 be kiddin…all yuh need 2 go on YouTube and watch Caribbean ppl Whine…ok….wtf but yet yall dont kno yall are not from de Caribbean so yall are forgiven… omg i cant believe this…..


  57. king

    look love fuk u is jus a rihanna hater kill your self i am from the virgin islands the one call St.croix


  58. Nick

    She suck!! I can’t wait until beyonce come back an shut her ass down cause all she did at the Grammys was the same thing beyonce did a couple yrs ago but beyonce was way better!! Only reason rhi rhi got som many NEW fans because they fell for her sympathy role she like to play from time to time..


  59. maya

    It was a bit much, her voice was weak & the dancing, just needed 2 be toned down. Performance was organized well but it’s like she was trying to have sex on stage. Please Rihanna, this was the Grammy’s, not the VMA’s…


  60. maya

    @2011k agreed 100% Rihanna’s 2008 VMA performance is what made realize how much she SUCKED!!!


  61. QueenSherm

    All i can is to all you Ri Ri haters is this few words “KILL THE NOISE” she did aight But yall missing one of the big things Drake & her duh but on the real Ri Ri is good & thats a fact so like i said “KILL THE NOISE”


  62. Lawrence

    B*TCH just wanted to make Chris Brown Jealous.


    javion wade Reply:

    @Lawrence, amen she just wanted to get chris jealous i DONT like that at all


  63. Rap off

    Another great song ruined by more rap shit, when are you all going to get bored of it ?


  64. javion wade

    drake wat tha hell is wrong with u are u goin crazy u are with nicki minaj u have nicki minaj the HOTESTT women in the game and u get wit rihanna



    Dis performance was 2 hottt! yesh bit pissed @ rhi rhi winin on ma husband :p buh she was ill n she performed lyk DAT-well dun luv
    btw stop h8in altho rhi rhi is gawguss&amazing 2 jealous!


  66. Basoulini

    All the HATErS go to HEll…and if you dont like ittttt…Dont Comment….Anyway Rihanna YOU areeeee THE Queen , Your voice, your body , your character EVERYthinKKKKKKKK…..And dont give A S_H_I_T about the HATERSss…They just jealous…<3 <3


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    I will never get there so thank you for letting me visit with your pictures. Love you blog and look forward to your posts.



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