Album Cover: Chris Brown – ‘F.A.M.E.’


Chris Brown gets animated on the cover for his fourth album F.A.M.E., dropping March 22. The artwork, designed by Ron English, boasts a portrait of the singer striking a serious pose, while two identical images of Breezy sporting a baseball cap face opposite directions on each shoulder. The “No BS” singer, who tore the house down this past weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” is currently working his dual single release “Look at Me Now” and “Yeah 3X,” both of which will appear on the final tracklist.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    and this lil piggy cried weee weee weee alll the way home…. NEXT!!!


  2. Yeah



  3. Daquan..

    Wow Really? Umm… I Love You Chris Brown But I Honestly Thought This Was A Mixtape Cover


  4. CB4Life



  5. listen



  6. Stre3t Danc@

    who cares about the look of the cover ..geez. The album’s gon be a blast!


  7. Trini

    So simple… smh… it’s like Graffiti 2.0

    And after last night’s whiny little b!t%c# comments about the Grammy’s… I’m sick of his lil boy a##!

    U ain’t never gonna be as hot as u were back in the day with Chris Brown album & Exclusive!


  8. abbs

    its so creative love it!!


  9. I



  10. oso_jo_o

    O M G!!!
    this is so horrible….


  11. T-Dub

    This Cover Is DOPE!!!


  12. boom

    ya’ll mf’ers so simple/close minded.. chris a artsy cat, i like this cover, the graffiti one was CORNY AS HELL, but this is dope.. reminds me of the covers back in the day that made u buy the album off the artwork alone..


  13. Reasonable Voice

    I am LMAO at this. This has to be a joke. Absolutely terrible.


  14. Yeah

    it looks like Michael Jackson album cover, the album that came out in December “Michael”


  15. tamour

    Internet thugging is so lame. Just being ignorant for no reason does what for you? It’s obvious that the some of you have never visited a museum art gallery or is just clueless about creativity. Those without imagination, art appreciation and the extremely non creative will spew stupid comments as expected.

    It’s a painted cover reminiscent of the 70′s and 80’s cover. He’s an artist of magnitude (with artistic interests other than music.)

    If you are so tired why comment… because you’re full of it and can’t wait to talk sh!t. No one cares nor is impressed.


  16. OnlyBoy

    dis gnna flop harder than my sunny side egg on my plate!


  17. OnlyBoy

    @tamour get with the times no one care about art! just give me music!


  18. Sharp Tongue

    Lol @onlyBoy but yeah i was thinking this was a mixtape cover as well oTay Chris.


  19. AnkKA

    he’s desperately trying to recreate the MJ “Michael” album cover. He FAILED hard!
    this Flop keeps using the same graffiti theme…SMH
    I just can’t wait to read the reviews of this future Flop album. Reading the reviews of “Graffshiti” was so much fun!


  20. kiki

    Looks like MJ’s cover but a more depressing version. Maybe he was going with ‘forgiving all my enemies’ to seriously, it makes me feel sad :/


  21. OnlyBoy

    flop! in the naaaammeee of loooveee!!!


  22. anonymous

    I’m not hating on this cover infact I wont even comment but I do have a question (Forgiving.All.My.Enemies) After last nights tweets – Has Chris really forgiven his critics??? It didnt sound like it. I wish he could see how his actions and reactions to things encourage his haters to come out to bat. Chris I aint mad at you man. People make mistakes. You’re owning up to it. Now all you need to do is push forward not allowing your past to become a stigma to your present reality. Don’t assume your past is the reason for all your troubles. I hope this album does well!


  23. BeautifulCB

    hahahahahaha to all the haters….you’re funny :D


  24. xedos

    Art can tell what’s going on in someone mind. right now Chris brown is a confuse mixed up individual.He still has anger issues. he needs to go on the couch


  25. Lisa

    I don’t like Breezy, but this cover is amazing and creative.


  26. imabeast

    Absolutely horrible!

    It’s like a cross between Michael Jackson’s “Michael” and Brooke Hogan’s “The Redemption”. No good for an “album” cover.


  27. amani

    i love chris!!!! cover some SHIT, cant wait till he goes on tour tho’.


  28. tiffany

    waouuuuuuuuuuuw original

    the only thing dat i am upset about is… chris has black eyes, i mean i has a dark slight

    clear brown eyes are nbot going on him
    and his head is thinner
    but i have to say that this it is a good research work

    it’s cool dat CB works with underground artists


  29. tiffany

    *he has a darke slight


  30. Chr♪$!

    Fantastic album cover. F.A.M.E. gon’ b sick!!!!!:)
    ——Beautiful People——-


  31. BlondeShell Minaj

    hmmm. looks like it was done by a pop culture artist. It IS a great piece of art but cd cover idk. of course he’s probably trying a different direction creatively (other than the glossy covers we always see.) Okay Chris #teambreezy


  32. tiffany

    no matter what he does, people will always speak bad

    but meeeeeeeeeeen with or without you, he’s the mutharf*cker best
    and everybody knows it!!!


  33. Neickha

    I like it. hahaha I agree @tiffany. Yeah I like that he’s trying to do something different. I like it. Can’t wait to hear it though. To me the album means all of the above.

    Fans Are My Everything
    F*ck All My Enemies
    Forgiving All My enemies.

    No matter what #teambreezy has Chris’ back.


  34. BeautifulCB

    thank you @tiffany


  35. mike

    this cant be any gayer, it even has the rainbow colored all over the chest


  36. Cassive Brewster

    I like it, reminds me of Michael Jackson’s cover, the fonts kill it though.


  37. Mr Xclusive

    this shit is so dope!!!!!


  38. Tami

    I love Chris but this is a hot mess!He looks like a monkey on this lol


  39. Breezy

    very soo fugly


  40. King Makers

    The album cover tells a story (kid with a mission) & i believe it trails from the 70s & 80s cos he has been visiting musiums and art galleries recently. Its ok if you dont get it straight away, perhaps you genetically recessive in the area of creative art which is not your fault but your genetically incompetent parents. And for fans who genuinly dont get this cover, its ok, it will make sense when you hear the diverse songs he has assemble in it.

    I am not supprised that Haters are bstill trying to offer advice to someone they blame for every domestic abuse thats been happening to women although they know that hating chris will not stop domestic abuse around the world, yet they are here to let us know their opinion as if we care. Most of them cant just keep those stupid opinions to themselves,

    OH NO! they just have to find a CB post to regulgitate their frustrations, & FYI, domestic abuse is not the same as teenage immaturity that commonly happens all around the world & is even still happening as we speak right now, people grow from it. its not even enough to be called an abuse especially if it only happened 1 time.
    just quit the bitching and face facts

    1) i dont buy album covers, i buy music.
    2) Album cover is unique and stands out
    3) CB now has his Graffiti trade mark so i must not see anyone copying him indirectly down the line.
    a) RnB singers are suddenly making mixtapes now
    b) people are copying his vocal arrangments
    c) i will expect RnB or Pop singers to start making rap tracks; thiefs
    4) CB is original and creative and the album cover suggests diversity.
    5) tracks from the album have already been certified double platinum in many countries for thos who keep saying his album will not sell cos of some album cover
    6) every song that CB has featured somehow becomes a hit and ends up on top 10 on MOST charts..EVERY SONG!
    7) CB is touring, performing and promoting his songs around the world now UNLIKE graffiti which never really got a fighting chance yet DID NOT FLOP & infact got grammy Nods
    He has a wealth of talents and positive team, and fans around him, he cant go wrong

    so what ever you say, means ZERO, its always meant ZERO otherwise he wouldnt even get this far if it mattered. So spend your time on the people you believe in, instead of coming to check on our boy Chris Breezy.

    Half of these still single frustrated, hopeless immature girls that keep bringing matters about an ex thats living large @ his expense, all need to be careful cos AINT NO GUY WILL WANT A BITTER BITCH. Fucking up is most guy’s speciality and it takes an intuitive, humble and forgiving lady to WIN A MAN’S TRUE LOVE, cos men change and when they do, they really do. NOT ALL THESE NAGGING AND BITTER BITCHING ON HERE


  41. Icebreaker686

    This is TOO dope.


  42. .

    this is dope..who has a mixtape art like this?


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  44. Will

    His worst album cover just horrible. I loved the Graffiti album cover but this is just not it. This needs to be a fresh start for CB now that hes payed his dues something very enlightening and this just isnt it. Very disappointed


  45. B-Rad



  46. its me

    - i LOVE this , its really Creative & shows a different side of C.B ! Give dude his props this is mad creative


  47. FSU!!!

    Why do people hate on Chris Brown ?? Yes, what he did to Rihanna was wrong. People just have to except the fact that all he is trying to do is take his music to the next level. Out of all the artist in the game today Chris Brown would be the most creative one sense the king of pop (Michael Jackson). He has taken music to a whole nother demension of creativity. I’m definetly buying this album. This one will (not probably) but BE THE BEST ONE YET. TEAM BREEZY ALL DAY !!


  48. Nick

    HATERS!!!it don’t matter what he do good or bad people are goin to hate…atleast he got a album coming out that’s all that matters to me he could have anything on his album an I will buy it!!!


  49. Jay

    Really gr8 artwork! Looks just like him. Not what I expected…I am kinda feelin it though. The album’s gonna be dope any way. I really hope they move the date up


  50. .

    nick is right….whatever is in the album matters

    this album artwork looks like a classic people will look back on. chris is a genius and he knows what he is doing


  51. Chila

    its ayt im sure this wont be the final issue though


  52. dankingkemp

    Looks a bit like a Mixtape Cover….Hopefully sumthing different gets Created..)d


  53. M!

    idk wht yall lookin at. tht shit is tight
    Original *Art


  54. Olkainry

    I like it


  55. DEErockstarr

    The first thing I thought when I saw this cover was “Michael Jackson.” It really looks similar to the MICHAEL cover, but worst. I was never really a huge CB fan in the first place. Well, I hope his #TeamBreezy fans like the cover I guess.


  56. TowandaW

    This Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkssssssss soooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME *I LOVE IT* as for the Haters nobody cares about your silly immature opinions…..Just do yourselves a favour *Go and buy Brezzy’s Album March 22 owk *dat is all*


  57. tiffany



    good work breezy


  58. LetsBeReal

    That is a horrible rip off of Michael Jackson’s album ‘Michael’. So sad nobody is original these days.


  59. OnlyBoy

    @KingMakers blah blah blah who cares!?


  60. droppig

    Love the new MJ cover!!


  61. BeautifulCB

    I love this !!!!!!


  62. zania

    I Actually like the cover. The back pictures are saying a whole lot, the one that reflect the baby to me is saying that he is still a child in heart and trying to fight a battle with a world of adults. The other small photo is saying that he can be a clown sometimes, he loves to joke around. The other pictures in the back show remorse breezy, the side photo show confusion and the main photo show a man with a mission in a cruel world no time for games, I am coming for my enemies in full force. I hope everyone on this blog has pre order fame, I already order three copies , one for me some friends.I didn’t order the same day arrival I will get it in three days, but that is ok because I will go out and buy two copies from the store.


  63. nicole

    This art cover is great. People need to stop being so closed minded, and open up your minds to things that are different and unique. Chris Brown is going to sell anyway so. DO YOUR THING CHRIS.


  64. King Makers

    @onlyboy|: aint no guy wanting a BITTER BITCH? Bwahahahahaha!


  65. .

    this is sick….hope he sells 350k FIRST WEEK


  66. Alicias certified homewrecka

    @King Makers lol, how much did they pay to have write that bs. $100,000 would be my guess cause there is no way in hell Im going to lie about that bs cOver. Someone else already said what I’m thinking, this straight up fugly. I study art also and there both beauty and ugly on the grounds of visual stimulation. We see right through this, this is a fail.


  67. King Makers

    @Alicias cert…….: i hope you know that this work is by popular artists “Ron English & Kid Zoom” directed be Chris Brown. Are you sure you attended a Art School cos you lack artistic intuitions. Stories can be told artistically in many ways depending on the artist that worked on it, a really artist will get the message which ever way its comes. Its presumptwards to use words like “fugly or fail” most especially if you’ve clearly displayed the highest level of ignorance and illiteracy.


  68. King Makers



  69. Lexx_Janay

    @ King Makers you put out some good points *clap clap bravo*

    im a Breezy fan and i like the cover just not the angry face! other than that cant wait til March 22 F.A.M.E #TeamBreezy


  70. tiffany

    Alicias certified homewrecka
    how can you critic like dat a guy from arts??

    you are nobody to critic dat art cover
    if you were studying art, you should open you mind and find the positives stuff of this cover, study the cover… give arguments and study the story of each drawing of this cover

    but all i see from you is an hater!!
    i’m sure you don’t study art
    return to your real shit if you’ve nothing interesant to say


  71. Brixonne

    I really like it. RON ENGLISH is a talented artist. Him a Chris work well toghether. This cover is an attention grabber. I truly luv it.

    Ayo @OnlyFAG if you don’t like Chris then why the hell you always on every post. Please tell me as to why SOMEONE WHO claims they DONT LIKE A PERSON ALWAYS THE FIRST TO COMMENT?


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  73. chez

    wot the hell why is everyone worried about the cover? it’s about are we gonna like the ‘SONGS’. your not gonna be sitting their listening to the cover are u.
    good luck chris


  74. sexy princess

    i would get his fourth F.A.M.E cd which comes out on March 22 since i have his second cd named Exclusive but i defently don’t have this one at all but idk of how it cost in the stores.

    by pearl (aka)- sexyprincess)


  75. Jade



  76. BreezyBabe

    Ya’ll haters are mad but so what. chris gone rock this album and yall gone be like look at me him.
    Teambreezy shits on your life suckers :DD


  77. BreezyBabe

    yall stfu , your mad but so what. breezy gone kill this album… teambreezy shits on your life
    look at him now bitches !


  78. dyneeah

    chris brown album cover is hot ya’ll are just a bunch of skizzing ass haters stop hating cause u NEED A JOB AND THE HATING IS NOT CUTTING IT! BY YA’LL HATING YA’LL ARE NOT STOPING THESE MUSIC ARTIST FROM MAKING THEIR MONEY OR DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST “MUSIC” so just fuck off and let this young man do his thing TEAMBREEEZY LEGGO!


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