Video: J. Cole f/ Drake – ‘In the Morning’

J. Cole finds love in Paris in the video for “In the Morning,” his collaboration with Drake from his latest mixtape Friday Night Lights. In the clip, the Roc Nation rapper and a sexy lady meet up after his show with Drizzy in the City of Lights. Following their rendezvous, Cole leaves his international lover a little something to remind her of him.

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  1. Yeah



  2. chitwnborn

    Drake look scary as hell im dead serious.

    Jcole looked cute i liked the vibe of the video but honestly Drake messed it up for me at 1:54 Ughh.


  3. Yeah



  4. kekeluvsu



  5. Mr Xclusive

    not what i expected!!! 5/10 for effort lol


  6. Neickha

    I like it. Nice and Chill just like the song.


  7. DRB

    Yada yada, where the hell is his album? FNL shits on rap albums by those who shall remain nameless


  8. TVA

    @DRB Mixtape been out for like a month. He’s been touring getting his stage presence together and building a fan base. You and I may have been onto him for a minute but some people still have to catch up. So this cut brings him into Drake’s fan base. I think his touring is supposed to slow up some so he can spend some quality time in the studio but he’s trying not to do what Drake was required to do for TML which honestly still probably came out 3-6 months late to catch the most momentum off of his buzz because he was doing so many features.

    Drake was an overnight success. Cole is doing the slow burn. Hov has 11 number 1 albums but has been outsold basically all of his career by artists that don’t last nearly as long. Ja Rule, DMX etc. Cole is going more Jay’s route.


  9. Glenn

    He really need to actually put out a album he been signed since before drake and nicki Minaj he been signed since ealier 09 and he still ain’t put out one the problem is roc nation is focusing on stupid lil girls like willow instead of a talented dude like Cole it actually makes me mad and at @TVA what r u talking about drake took a long time to put out his album and was not no overnight success drake been rapping and putting out mixtapes and other new artist like nicki been rapping since like 03 since she was like 17 don’t try to put down drake just cause Jayz not doing his job


  10. maya

    w/e where’s the album cole?


  11. 49ers160

    @tva he’s already 26 which is the same age jay-z first album came out. that’s mad old to be puttin out a first album when most people put somethin out around 17. The album i think is taking too long. @glenn she’s probably more marketable given her age, family, background and her style of music


  12. umm...

    i love j.cole! this song is almost as swexy as he is, lol…

    anyway this girl from philly sang a female version thats super dope too. it made me love the song more!


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