50 Cent Claims Dr. Dre Is Mad at Him Over Headphones

50 Cent and Dr. Dre

50 Cent has upset the Doctor. In a series of tweets, the G-Unit rapper revealed that the super-producer is not happy with him after he decided to launch his own line of headphones.

The music mogul introduced his Sleek by 50 Cent wireless headphones last month, going up against Dre’s popular Beats by Dr. Dre. “Jimmy iovine and dre mad at me cause I’m doing sleek by 50,” he tweeted. “I guess I’m not going to be on detox Lol.”

He continued, “I’m a little hurt jimmy and dre feel like that but f*ck it. I’m focused I got a surprise for everybody this go round.”

The outspoken hip-hop star has supposedly addressed the situation in his music. “Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about jimmy and dre. Oh my god this is hard. This shit gonna kill,” he said. “Em gonna have a heart attack when he hear this sh*t damn lol.”

50 was not pleased when Dre launched his headphones and didn’t include him and Eminem. “I don’t get it when they did there deal I didn’t get upset. Now I’m mad they didn’t put me or EM in that deal. F*ck this sh*t I QUIT,” he said before laughing it off. “Okok I’m done talkin bout jimmy n dre, I love them, they hate me, so what?…f*ck it. Lol.”

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  1. OnlyBoy

    stay mad


  2. Pinoy

    I don’t think Dre is mad cause let’s face it Dre’s headphones is the best.



  3. mmg

    Damn 50 is diggin own grave….he a fucken paranoid cow


  4. OnlyBoy

    even tho i have beats headphones HA!


  5. Me

    Hey No Hating.. His Headphones are totaly crap.
    and Dre’s last Single from Detox “I Need A Docter” got me sick. wats happaning Dre??!
    Im gonna Buy Swizz Beats And Timbaland’s albums this year… in 2022 ill buy Detox


    dave Reply:

    @Me, haha that was a good one 2022!!!!


  6. k.west

    timbo sucks


  7. shuin

    i think i need doctor is just like love the way you lie it was suck …. go swizz beats your beat was so hot man… and fuck off 50 cent


  8. Neickha

    Im sorry Im a huge fan Of Dre. and its evident 50 was inspired by Dre’s Headphones. If you see Dres “Beats” they look similar to 50′s only 50 cents are more bulkier. Well the reason why “I need a doctor” and “Love the way you lie” sound the same is because they were written by the same person: Skylar Grey. Oh and Eminem will DEMOLISH 50.. Especially if he’s attacked.. who you fooling 50 hahahaahah.. DUnn Dunn DUnnn.


  9. jay

    fuk 50, em n dre will kill this bitch..glad he aint on detox he sux


  10. idiot

    hahahha this means he got all the money he needs so he can stop rap! sleek ass fiddy ..


  11. Phoenix_Wright

    tweeter is not the place to go to vent! lol smh @ 50



    WHAT THE FUCK?> Dre and Em MADE this Bitch where he is today. Em gon’ come after YOUUU HAHA


  13. dankingkemp

    When Peep’s Wanna Monopolize Markets, s*** like this Occurs,,, it’s all over Money, Kinda Stupid..(dk


  14. mon

    50 dont forget above yourself ur not doing to well in the music department makin war with one of the gods will not end nicely


  15. dankingkemp

    I Wonder if Jimmy and Dre yelled at Snoop over SkullCandy???? Maybe Dre makes Profit offa that and Jimmy too?? no clue,,, strange industry..)dk


  16. Mk

    Since the vitamin water deal, Interscope been salty. 50 is making something, once again, that can be big. As a man, u dont hate on another man movin moves, especially a black man. Dre hated when Cube was granted his own label once he left N.W.A, so this says a lot about his character. The more hate 50 gets, the harder he’s gonna go


  17. Gaz2010

    Agree, His the male equivalent of Lil’ Kim, got nothing out, so he rides on other people’s fame and Popularity. When he started having digs a Kanye Years ago is when I lost respect (the very little I had) for him as an artist


  18. eurogirl

    hate 50 dont like his person and i will never support anything with his name on it. to me he seems like an evil person judging how he always call some celebrities ugly, the way he talks about women and he always seems to have beef with his own so called friends. so f*** 50.


  19. roro

    50 cent is only famous BECAUSE of dre’s beats… he’s got no talent lyrically.
    and 50, you’re not on detox because you’re a wackass rapper, not because dre’s mad at you, he’s too big to be mad at some rapper who’s comparable to soulja boy skill-wise





  21. king london

    dem u dr dre suckas are out of ur mind.. 50 is simply makin money any1 knows dat nd its typical dat jimmy n dre hv bin eatin a lot from … im just wonderin if u suckas prefer to always make money for ppl and dont get the appreciated for it.


  22. fuckherfart

    I like 50 been listening to his music since I was 16 years old he makes amazing music only where he is known for straight gutter tunes don’t get me wrong I like some of the radio tunes too but when he gets raw and starts to get into a flow no one can stop him. And Dre is a legend been around for a long time he makes wicked beats but if Pac was still around do you think dre would still be wear he is today? little question for everyone to think about.


  23. Snype

    man its a joke dey all rich


  24. Snype

    its all a joke tween rich niggaz


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  26. Tupac Shakur

    i dont know if u muthafukers who r dissin i need a docter know this but dr dre is rapping about eazy e in that song


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