New Music: Snoop Dogg f/ R. Kelly – ‘Platinum’


Snoop Dogg goes “Platinum” with R. Kelly on the latest release from his Puff Puff Pass Tuesdays series and upcoming album Doggumentary. With its splotchy beat and slow-rolling drums, the Lex Luger production sets off with a club-geared verse from Kellz, who throws it to Snoop for a fast-paced rhyme about living a lavish life. “My rap is that/ My Cadillac is drippin’ wet/ You can bet, turn it up, roll it up, burn it up,” he spits. Catch up with the two O.G.s below.

Snoop Dogg f/ R. Kelly – “Platinum”

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  1. Yeah

    I hope the flopping azz child molesta not thrown shade!!

    Snoop killed it though! I have a love hate relationship with him. Could’ve done without that other dude tho…


  2. The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 » Blog Archive » Snoop Dogg ft. R. Kelly – Platinum (prod. by Lex Luger)

    [...] Just when you thought Kells was back to the R&B-esque cuts he’s best known for, he reverts to his Double Up album days and drops a couple of bars alongside his good old friend Snoop on the latest leak from the Doggfather’s #PuffPuffPassTuesdays. This track, produced by Lex Luger, will also appear on the Calvin’s forthcoming album Doggumentary due on March 29th. Props RU. [...]

  3. Hmhj


    B*tch, who are you calling a “flop”? I know you’re not calling the KING OF R&B one. You know the one that sh*ts all over you favorite R&B artist.


  4. Someonemad


    You’re pressed.


  5. TheOne1

    show some respect for the king. as far as the song, eh, sounds more like a mixtape track.


  6. TheOne1

    oh wait, it is a mixtape track. lol


  7. JHP

    Yeah is an douche


  8. kiup

    Yeah is slow


  9. Leilani

    I’m feelin this. I’m not a fan of Snoop, but he did his thing. Kellz is the man. For the hater up top, Kellz don’t flop. Get it right. R. Kelly got at least 12 or 13 platinum or multiplatinum albums back to back. I think he got a right to brag, he earned it. And yes Kellz can drop a old school style classic R&B album and turn around and go hip hop on ya ass. Kellz can shine in any genre of music. He got it like that. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.


  10. Orlando

    wow this is a dope asz song…who woulda thought of snoop & kellz would do a song that soundz so badass ME….. LMAO





  12. D. Kellz

    @Yeah im not gonna write any nonsense but simply ask who is your fav R&B artist? and also why you hate R. Kelly so much do you know him? and to let you know only GOD can judge a man and forgive a man! And also if you hate or despise R. Kelly thats fine thats your taste and preference i have no problem with that but hey if you don’t like his music why listen to songs that feature him? Why listen to someone you don’t like even though this is Snoop song it clearly says feat. Kellz so why so much hate you must know him personally? But i say this just like Micahel Jackson & R. kelly two blessed men who blessed us with great music and produced great music for others they are talented and God has blessed them and ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE A MAN! So i say everyone stay blessed and also Kellz keep making music you’ve etched your music in stone with 12 platinum albums and producing for artist we all love from Whitney, Michael, Isleys, Mariah, And Trey songz the artis the young people love so much respect a legend and i say again ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE A MAN!!


  13. Chri$

    damn im so tired of lex luger beats!!!!

    kellz n snoop dit it – 5 STARs


  14. Shady

    This beat is so much like HAM


  15. QueenBee

    Whatever you wanna call him – Kellz can feckin SANG!!


  16. GH

    Shady: howz this SO MUCH like HAM??? buy urself a pair of ears fool
    D. Kellz: god can’t judge anything coz he doesnt exist


  17. Zel_TM90

    5 star ishh


  18. chet



  19. D. Kellz

    @GH to each there own opinion if you don’t believe in God that’s your right as a human and may God bless you.


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