Video: R. Kelly Performs ‘Number One Hit’ on ‘Lopez Tonight’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly shared a Valentine’s Day gift with his fans by performing his newest single “Number One Hit” on Monday’s “Lopez Tonight.” Dressed dapperly in a suit and shades, the R&B gentleman dedicated the song from his latest album Love Letter to all the ladies. Fall under his spell below.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    old fART!


  2. V

    he still has that incredible voice!
    king of r&b


  3. D. Kellz

    A legend in the game and the “KING OF R&B” he has proven enough and earned enough platinum plaques and wrote for everyone from Micahel Jackson to Jennifer Hudson and may God continue to bless him he can actually sing, write, and produce for many artist that we all love and may he always be blessed to keep me as one of his #1 fanz and his age is so irrelevant to anything i hate that people always call somebody old we all get older but i can appreciate good music when i hear it like R. kelly, Tank, Ginuwine, Musiq, Tyrese, Avant, Charlie Wilson, Dwele, Ronald Isley, And artist as such people who have been in the game for 10 to 20+ years and a lot of these new artist lets see if they even make it there or get a platinum plaque and hey maybe R. Kelly will write for them lmao God bless Kellz keep making that REAL R&B!


  4. geez

    !!!! R(.kelly)& B !!!!


  5. OnlyBoy

    d. kellz HOP off!!!


  6. rkelly the king



  7. brittany

    i love r.kelly. the king of R&B always and forever.


  8. rkelly the king

    I don’t understand why R. Kelly did not take the Grammy for a song “When A Woman Loves”… :( and i’am very sad for that…GRAMMY IS THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!


  9. Neickha

    Why are you guys so disrespetful to the older generation? They make and inspire the younger generation. All the younger generation sample from them and have the same if not similar style. Without them there would be none of the younger generation that you love. And once they get older…..what are you going to say? This song is amazing. Love Letter is a good album. “When a woman loves” is a remake just so yall know.. He was inspired too…

    “Check your ingredients before you overdose on the cool”.


  10. Zel_TM90

    Cleary he jus kilt it!…Jus wish dey would have gave him more time to perform


  11. TheOne1

    @Neichka “When A Woman Loves” is not a remake.


  12. Phoenix_Wright



  13. Lisa

    He gets me all tingly inside when he sings and he is too sexy!


  14. Heminem

    That was sick. Amazing voice still


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