Video: Rihanna Performs at BRIT Awards


Rihanna performed a rosy medley of her hits at this evening’s BRIT Awards 2011 in London. The Bajan diva emerged from behind a curtain made of strings, setting off the performance with a rendition of “Only Girl (In the World)” while rocking a red corset accented by collar made of roses and a flowing cape.

She later ripped off the crimson outfit to reveal a lacy black getup while singing her controversial hit “S&M,” moving to the front of the stage before a fire pit to lead a circle of drummers for “What’s My Name?” While at the ceremony, the dynamic diva also won for Best International Female Artist, beating out Alicia Keys, Robyn, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry.

Watch her winning performance below.

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  1. lukex1990

    she gave better and cooler performance than on grammy’s


  2. Yeah

    tacky dress
    <3 Rihsus


  3. OnlyBoy

    nice queen ri ri


  4. Stre3t Danc@

    lol she wore the same heels @ the Grammys.


  5. Lexus

    You can tell she’s pretty ill. Still did good though.


  6. ait

    WOW! im in luv


  7. Brendan

    Rihanna, you never seem to disappoint. <3


  8. DANI

    she killed it..and jessie j at the end! those two def need to collab!


  9. AnkKA

    it was better than the Grammys.


  10. Raya

    HER VOCALS -___- Horrible God Damn


  11. Yeah

    of course she wore them same heels at the Grammys, which she won a GRAMMY for ONLY GIRL, it was only a day ago, dummy

    she had to hop on a plane for a long flight from LA to UK, what do u think? smh


  12. Lo

    i don’t think she did that bad vocally…


  13. Mimi

    This performance was horrible! it looks like it wasent well put together! her hair awful her vocals horrible…..poor thing!


  14. okay!

    this was better than the grammys but poor riri its hard for her to dance and sing at the same time,lol


  15. Giamma



  16. Alicias certified homewrecka

    Good girl turned devil… Jk, she good



    shes getting better. I think they are building her to be more of a performer and not a studio singer….BIG DIFFERENCE.


  18. pms

    @Stre3t Danc@ @Yeah

    smartass, ofcourse she was wearing those heels, SHE ALWAYS WEAR IT WHEN SHE PERFORM WHATS MY NAME, CHECK ALL WMN PERFORMANCES!!



  19. Jordan Gabriel

    take away the dancers, and the production, you’ve got nothing.
    I sometimes like her songs because they’re uber catchy, but to me she is not, has never been, and will never be an artist.


  20. No ma'am

    That was a smidget better than the Grammy performance. Maybe she should of done that instead.


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