Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Debuts at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has hit another milestone in her career. The pop starlet’s new single “Born This Way,” released to iTunes last Friday, has bowed at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the 1,000th song to top the prestigious chart in its 52-year history.

The eccentric singer is taking the success in stride. “It is a tremendous honor,” she told of the single, which sold 448,000 copies in its first week. “To be the 1,000th No. 1 on Billboard…I would be silly not to say this is the greatest honor of my career.”

While reviews of the single have been mixed, Gaga is judging its success based on the response from her little monsters. “I am so humbled and so honored and overwhelmed by the reception to ‘Born This Way,’” she continued. “[It] has been so life changing for me as an artist, and between Billboard and the international number ones and the radio numbers…I couldn’t be more blessed to have the fans that I have.”

The singer-songwriter is currently prepping the release of her highly-anticipated album Born This Way, due May 23. She has already shot a video for the chart-topping single with director Nick Knight and choreographer Laurieann Gibson, and will soon follow with “Judas” produced by RedOne.

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  1. OnlyBoy

    TAKE THAT HATERS!!!! lmao


  2. Bianca

    yes GAGA! Yes!


  3. Beacon

    We gotta wait THREE MONTHS for the album?

    It needs to be PUSHED AHEAD otherwise there won’t be much buzz…


  4. LaughOutLoud

    Is That What I Think It Is On Her Forehead
    Madness Has Hit This Woman


  5. TA2802

    Yeah… she deserves it! Amazing talent at its best!


  6. Kyle

    She really is the “Queen of Pop” at this point. Not only does she know how to make headlines, but she knows how to make pop music that gets stuck in your head. Good for her.



    Congrats to her. It’s a great song.


  8. youdontneedtoknow

    i love the message of the song


  9. Rihannastann!

    Good shit gaga! Not big on the song..but I like her!


  10. chris shorts

    the song isnt all that but im happy for her


  11. Alicias certified homewrecka

    And it will surly make it’s way to the bottom. Sorry folks but this was a bad lead single and it might explain why the date was slated for may. I hope the next single is hot


  12. Mike

    Please, Britney is the “Queen of Pop”. Regardless of the success Gaga has achieved in such a short time, it is still no comparison to the career that Britney has had.


  13. maya

    way 2 make this bitches head bigger. COMPLETELY over rated!!!


  14. C94B

    I think that Lady Gaga is on top of her game right know and I acknowledge that she is talented, but I find it ironic that she boasts about being “Born That Way”, claiming that we are all beautiful naturally (“because God makes no mistakes”), even though she always shows up with outfits that look like costumes and we haven’t seen her looking natural for a very long time.



  15. Drayke

    Congrats to Gaga! When are the haters gonna get sick of whining whenever she breaks a new record or grabs another headline? Gaga is here to stay so get used to it! Also, the message of Born This Way is not to wear no makeup and walk around fully nude. Anyone who takes it that literally is not playing with a full deck.


  16. Leon

    Impressive, considering she essentially rewrote/ stole Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and slapped a new title on it. Copycat!


  17. C94B

    Talk about “Born This Way”…

    Drayke, if you target me as a “Hater”, then let me tell you that you’re wrong. I don’t hate Gaga, a hater tends to run the said-hated person down constantly, whether that person is talented or not. And I just did the contrary, buddy. I respect her accomplishments.

    But I don’t blame you, you might me a big fan, and we all know what’s the mentality of that big of a fan about his/her favourite artist: “If he/she wins awards, it’s because he’s/she’s the best, if he/she loses, it’s because these awards are a fraud”, or the fact that superfans don’t take criticism that well, as relevant as it is.


  18. IRONIC

    the song is ironic in my opinion! Lady Gaga dedicates this song for the gays and lesbians when the song is talking about being born this way – male or female! Its either you were born to be a male or a female and you’re on the right track baby you were born this way!! LOL! I’m pretty sure that you cannot be born to be gay because no one will know until the kid reaches the adolescence period. There’s nothing wrong doing a song for gay and lesbian but this song is way ironic.


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