New Music: Timbaland f/ Lyrica Anderson – ‘Mentally’

Timbaland loses his mind on this week’s installment of Timbaland Thursdays, releasing “Mentally” featuring his Shock Value collaborator Lyrica Anderson. Throwing some Auto-Tune on his vocals, Timbo reflects on how his relationship took a turn for the worse. “Where did the lovin’ go?/ We really need to end this war/ I swear this feels like a game/ And I lost track of the score,” he sings, passing it to Lyrica for a power chorus. Go from make up to break up below.

Timbaland f/ Lyrica Anderson – “Mentally”

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  1. Chr♪$!

    Nice song. Might even be the best song of “Timbaland Thursdays”


  2. Name

    Timbaland Thursdays – weak as f#ck !!! PERIOD


  3. Daniel

    Every week I give it a listen and every week I delete it. Why bother if it’s not good?!


  4. danja

    boring tracks [without danja!] and those who likes it apparently …. i luv his oldstyle music since 2006-08 years but not now style


  5. haha

    hawu! timbaland sucks these days, i agree back in the days when he and danja were a team, they were top! but now his music just seems so uninspired! danja is better!


  6. Yeah

    love the chorus


  7. Davidprimer

    @Name & @Daniel, go listen to Gaga, Bieber and overhyped Kanye shit!

    Timbaland is pure creativity and talent.

    You guys are boring as f*k…


  8. A

    I think this is my favorite so far.


  9. JstAmir

    Why ya hating on Timbo?!? Timbaland has the most Creative crossings in music. surprisng ya from 93 till 2011 and still making it sound like futuristic. my boy from the upper comment said it all


  10. Me

    Gr8! @jstamir im with you homie, Davidprimo is right


  11. roro

    why does everybody think they’re kanye?
    every single good friday track was #1 material, he wasn’t just releasing random averageass tracks….
    if you don’t have the groundbreaking tracks to astound people every week then just don’t do a weekly track release to disappoint people.


  12. Macarons

    @ Davidprimer

    Music ain’t about Timbaland, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kanye West…Get yourself some culture.


  13. T

    hey Kanye Released In his Fridayz some of his album material. liking Timbo Thursdays more and stop fckin bout who was the 1st! Timbo made music before Kanye even thought of being a artist


  14. 9

    hey @Macarons ya dont know wathca talkin bout boy… Lady dick suck, Justin Dildo Fck, And that Ass Wack East rapper ya talkin bout are the faces of todays music. he just tryina give some creative material like Timbaland’s a chance


  15. dankingkemp

    It’s Nice that he Put Out a Song..) This 1 is Finally Really Good..)dk


  16. The Beast

    I think Timbaland should return to do stuff like the original Shock Value. I want to hear songs more like Bounce and The Way I Are. He should release some of the songs that we have heard in the past with rappers like Talk That with everyone like Lil Wayne and all those people with verses. Or more songs like Say by Timbaland and T-Pain. Just stop working with pop artists. Stick to your true hip-hop roots. Let’s hear more collabs with Dre, 50, Justin, T-Pain, Missy, Nelly Furtado and make a collab with Kanye West. That would be so sick.


  17. Unk

    I’m so tired of some of y’all talking about danja i think that was tim’s best co-producer to the point he produced tracks with tim even in credit,Tim was dope before/after danja,plus danja is doing his own thing he doesn’t need to produce with tim anymore unless he wants to get over it already. Talk about danja solo tracks,but you don’t you only talk about him when something tim produces now and timbaland thursdays


  18. Burgerjones

    take timbaland out, replace with a coold R&B singer WITHOUT audio tune.

    bam you gotta hit.


  19. Abz

    This Is Better Then The Other Installments To Be Honest
    I <3 Dis Girls Voice!!


  20. danja

    hey hey Timbo should cum back Danja

    but dat never be….pity


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