Video: Keri Hilson Performs ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ on ‘Kimmel’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson continued her trek across the country to promote her sophomore album No Boys Allowed. The blonde bombshell hit up “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier this week for a pre-taped performance, which aired tonight. Wearing high-waisted pants, a midriff-bearing top, and a tie-dyed blue jacket, Miss Keri strutted across the stage backed by two female dancers. Watch her steal the show with her “Pretty Girl Rock” below.

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  1. Yeah

    girl pick a new song already


  2. Yeah

    the video is private btw


  3. Beyonce is the Queen !

    Pretty Girl Rock is so last year Keri..release a new single already !


  4. Diamond

    Very good performance Keri, but the song is old now.


  5. Me

    She is getting swampped by all the other talent out there… sorry to say this again but … hang it up flat screen!


  6. mindgames

    keri won’t hang it up flat screen. the haters are the ones who need to hang their bullshit up :)

    lol @ the pants. it looks like she was wearing shorts underneath the pants. and keri i hate that high waisted crap you wear :( grrrrrrrrl…. -_-

    yah i agree..i want a new single already. i’m sick of this song. and the performance was meh :| at least get a new dance routine or add a remix or perform a snippet of another song from the album. i did like her motown rendition of PGR on Letterman. she should do something different like that again.


  7. mari

    ok, so no need 2 go into all the reasons why this artist/perfrmance is WHACK cuz evry1 knows im not a fan lol *rolls eyes* But i must say.. @ 1:34?? TOTAL BEYONCE RIP!!! WTH???!! What happend 2 being original? i wd have called her on that, WHILE she was performing. that’s a no-no. i hate copy-cats. smh


  8. tiffany

    it’s time to release “one night stand” , “buyou” or “gimme what i want”

    ant to finish, keri is the one and only, she has a beautiful and unique voice, she can collabs with all the artists, she does her things, and does great performances .

    and when i see her bahavior on stage,her natural beauty (and she doesn’t need to come in swimming wears to have the intention) i guess she THE DIVA of our era
    yes i said this
    i’m done


  9. Yep Yep

    She is just boring to me, pretty but boring! There were only about 4 people moving during the performance, she should just stick to songwriting imo.


  10. lilbowlover

    she is a good singer but she not not poputaion
    like nicki and trey songz and is the ture


  11. Keeping it Real

    Shes really trying to get this song to hit #1 on Billboard or atleast top 10 on Hot 100 that was the plan cause i doubt Interscope is gonna release another single this era since NBA hasnt performed to expectations. Thats why she keeps promoting this song till the death lol. i still love u Keri. Dont give up girl


  12. Neickha

    i luv Keri.


  13. Reddboi*Stan4Bey

    @ Tiffany Keri is the diva of our era??!! Lol u have to be deaf blind and stupid boo.. just had to say it #sit


  14. sagb

    shes still with that song…she needs to release that song with nelly that one that sounds a little like te amo


  15. king

    she does the same thing all the time nex


  16. Hioki

    I wish she would pretty girl rock a new damn single…this one’s starting to run it’s course.


  17. mal

    was this the rehearsal?? lol


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