Behind the Video: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Where You At’

Jennifer Hudson bundles up for the Chicago winter in the video “Where You At,” the first single off her sophomore album I Remember Me (March 22). Directed by Anthony Mandler, the sensual clip sees J-Hud returning to her hometown where she goes for a stroll along the river, later singing her heart out from the top of a flight of stairs in an abandoned home. The premiere is set for February 24 on VEVO. See behind-the-scenes photos here.

  • Diego

    This song sucks hard she needs to go back to square 1. This will only appeal to the urban crowd and is a poor choice for a first single.

  • mary

    stop hating!!!!! i hope when her album drops she proves all yall haters wrong!!!!!!!

  • charles

    Diego: Why are you as a HATER even looking at her work. That right there alone shows you are lying through your teeth. Jhud is a success, and she will always be that from this point on. All you haters need to understand what she have is a gift from God not you people. The only thing sucks is you, now go look in the mirror.

  • Hudman

    Mr.Charles you are so right!She is a STAR and if it sucks so much why is it already in the top 30,and in rotation. The song is great and Jennifer is a Good looking women.