On Set of Eminem’s ‘Space Bound’ Video

Eminem and Sasha Grey

Eminem blasts off with former porn star Sasha Grey on the set of his video for “Space Bound,” the fourth single off his Grammy-winning album Recovery. Shot in Santa Clarita, Calif., the clip sees the Detroit rapper teaming back up with “Love the Way You Lie” director Joseph Kahn for the three-day shoot, filmed at a roadside diner and hotel in the freezing hours of the early morning.

Em and Grey appear together in almost every scene of the intense storyline, while the reclusive MC filmed several performance and acting scenes inside the diner. Check below to see more on-set pics from the shoot.

Eminem Eminem and Sasha Grey

Photo credit: Eric Ford/On Location News

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  1. roro

    probably my favorite song off of recovery
    should’ve been up there at #1 with ltwyl and not afraid
    the video’s gonna be sickk


  2. Michelle

    I’m one of M’s BIGGEST fans and love the track but not 100% sold on it being a single. But excited to see the video nonetheless!


  3. Llandel

    I’m a huge Eminem fan but let’s b honest I don’t think this should b a single bc the song isn’t anything ppl can relate 2!


    Ello Reply:

    @Llandel, Have you even heard the song? I can even relate to it> Not everyones like you, just a heads up


    ceez Reply:

    @Llandel, wow lmfaoo. you havent heard this song im guessing


  4. Keithcarey

    This is one of my favorite song off the recovery album…..& I’m suprised he doing a video for it….i’m so excited for it!


    BRITTNEY Reply:

    @Keithcarey, i loved this song its one of my favorites he’s comming to bonnaroo this year also


  5. Tavo_RocZ

    Damn, I thought i was the only one who liked this song.


  6. vladica07

    I was praying for this one to be a single,Im glad it is :) Its so emotional,powerful and strong,my fav from the album,cant wait :)


  7. JHP

    Cinderella Man or Talking 2 Myself would’ve been smarter single choices, but I like this track and this seems like it’s gonna be a really good video


  8. joe franco



  9. Neickha

    Ugh this is one of my favorite songs from Recovery. I was hoping this song would be released… I can’t wait to see it.


  10. Ivan;vaan

    After 6 months ! Haha … Is weird but im happy ! :D
    One of the best songs in recovery


  11. totz

    rap-up sasha grey is not a former porn star but current
    song will definitely be a top ten
    jim jonsin produced
    joseph kahn video


  12. Relapse

    Finally he’s making a vid of Space Bound cuz this is my favorite song in Recovery. Can’t wait for the vid.


  13. ashley

    I can’t wait to see the video!!
    I love that song!!


  14. xx

    hoping that this song will do better than No Love


  15. Hugh

    Eminem is the king!

    Love the song. Already listened to 60 times on iTunes!


  16. SlimShade

    dude. this track is sick. haha! next video should be 25 to Life. Now that should be the Best Rap Song of 2010.


  17. JizzieJames

    OMFG I’ve been wanting this to be a single forever!!!!!


  18. Jason

    @Llandel No one could relate to it? Maybe its just you.


  19. tyler

    do anybody know when this vedio coming out cause i love this song


  20. Killmatic

    It’s Too Real For The Radio!


  21. EmsFaveFan

    I loved this song, too sad that this bitch ruins it.


  22. Sergio

    omg yes eminem made it into a single


  23. 3yka

    if he did video for you r never over it would be smash for music scene…


  24. Bee

    This song is just great.the vid will be legendary…Em is the king.
    I would like to see “25 to life” become a single -although it’s a more complicated song.-


  25. suellen gabrielle

    beautiful I love you eminem ♥ ♥


  26. brams

    can some 1 tell me the date of releasment


  27. brams

    best song ever


  28. dagmawi

    i olve this song i can’t wait to c the video on the other hand he shoot the video with one of the most sexiest hot chuck on earth so go em


  29. Bowsh

    “Cinderella Man or Talking 2 Myself would’ve been smarter single choices”
    “the next video should be 25 to Life”

    No. No. No.

    Space Bound is incredible. This will be perfect for a single. See how well Love the Way You Lie did? This song is very similar in the type of song, but a BETTER overall song.

    I believe everyone who has dated can relate to this song.

    Watch, the phrase “Love is evil. Spell it backwards, I’ll show ya’,” will sweep across the country. People will be abusing that phrase now, because of this song.

    Space Bound is my favorite song off the album. So catchy, so true. Keep it up, Em!!


  30. LenaBsingh

    LOVE Space Bound… best song on the album!! :D

    Can’t wait to see the video! =)))


  31. Martha

    I Freakin Love This Songg it’s supposed to come out tomorrow but it’s rare they are going to play this On the radio


  32. sk-devil

    i love this song space bound is my fav song on recovery along with seduction n so bad


  33. Greatseb

    takes forever to comes out o_O


  34. VipinK

    Yes for sure one of the best songs of eminem and best from recovery any one in love can easily relate to it….


  35. aaron388777

    when will it b vailable


  36. maya

    sooo looking forward to this vid, Em is looking hot as always ;) he cud of got a hotter girl though…


  37. Kevin

    when is it coming out?


  38. tessha

    I love this song it’s amazing the lyrics are so emtional and then theres the part where he sings and i woulda done anything for you to show you how much I adored you I love the way he says that space bound is one of my best singles on recovery can’t wait to see the music viedo this song better be number 1 if it ain’t I wanna know why eminem is amazing he is so fit I love everysingle of his songs but this is one of my faves em is my life and i love his music to its so unique just like him em you are amazing and amazingly fit and amazing. xxx


  39. tessha

    oh i forgot summit when is the music viedo out??. xx


  40. tessha

    If you go on youtube and the type in space bound it has the lrics on the 1st 1 go to the 1 that has more than 6million views listen to it obvs and then read the comments after and the people usually tell you when the song is coming out and supposed to be out this sunday the music vid. x


  41. cmatter

    Dope song, one of my favorites…I just think the vibe and subject matter of the song is way too similar to “love the way you lie”, for it to be a follow up single. My first choice woulda been “going through changes” but really any track coulda made a good single, maybe aside from “cold wind blows” cause it swears too much, or “so bad” since it lacks any substance lyrically. He’ll kill the charts once again though with this single.


  42. londontown

    Hey is this video out yet?



    cara space bound e a melhor musica que EMINEM ja fez e mt mt mt mt embaçada to loko pra vr o video


  44. Martina_1703

    why not a single? it´s one of my favourites of the album, but I was disappointed with the video…it has no atmosphere and I don´t understand the story either, and when he shoots himself at the end…that is so ridiculous, so is the wolf at the begining…and its a shame because the song is great!!!


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