Video: Miguel Lands on ‘Leno’

Miguel landed his spaceship at “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for his first appearance on the late-night program. The soulful crooner, wearing black shades and a high-collared jacket, seduced the earthlings with “Sure Thing,” the latest single from his debut album All I Want Is You. Commanding the intergalactic stage in front of a glowing mic stand, he rocked out with his band and two backup singers. Blast into orbit with the future of R&B.


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  1. I hate love

    Seem like he’s gettin
    His nicki on


  2. lee

    he has talent but he needs a better image


  3. RealMusic

    I agree with lee


  4. Bianca

    I actually think his image is dope. It seems genuine. I can’t take another Trey Songs with all that suave shit


  5. Ango

    Bianca i like you only thing i can say


  6. allOFtheLIGHTS

    His album is dope. Nice performance.


  7. Will

    My favorite artist right now. Incredibly talented.


  8. Neickha

    He is so superb.His voice, talent. He’s just an overall entertainer.


  9. Mr.718

    This dude reminds me of usher a lil but he can sing.


  10. kani k

    he has a really nice voice, but the image.. doesn’t really match with the whole atmosphere. i dunno.


  11. babygirl

    He just needs to be marketed better. His label isn’t doing that great of a job, in my opinion.


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