Video: Kanye West Stars in ‘Black Mamba’ with Kobe Bryant

Kanye West

Kanye West shows his dark side, co-starring with Kobe Bryant in Nike’s short film The Black Mamba. The rapper plays “The Boss,” the head villain who wants to defeat Kobe for his kicks. When actors Danny Trejo and Bruce Willis can’t do the job, Yeezy tries to take matters into his own hands, but can he defeat the five-time NBA champion? Find out by watching below.

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  1. twitter @rashidkasirye

    love it looool


  2. D. Kellz

    I’m a die hard laker fan and a die hard Kobe fan as well when he laces up those shoes and puts that laker jersey on black mamba time my number 1 fav is of course Micahel Jordan none greater than Kobe Bryant a lot of people hate Kobe but i don’t all i care about is his skills and that court he steps on and i love his game no matter what God bless Kobe and i hope you get that 6th ring like Jordan and after that for me as a Kobe fan i’ll be satisfied stay blessed Black Mamba and keep the haters talking im sure some will come to this post! But hey we can’t all like the same team or players thats what makes talking trash fun :) God bless!


  3. tpm

    god job nike


  4. Jay

    lol That was pretty cool! Willis is the man! And Kanye can kinda act!!?


  5. Venturihawk

    Kanye is king of hip hop


  6. The Beast

    “bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep”


  7. chris



  8. Sharp Tongue

    I loved it great job everyone.


  9. A+ S+

    i like this, they did there thing.


  10. Olkainry

    KW is the best :)


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