Foxy Brown Kicked Out of Fashion Show

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown has gotten herself in trouble again. The Brooklyn rapper was kicked out of a fashion show last week after she allegedly showed up intoxicated for her performance.

The notorious femcee arrived at the Indashio show in New York City’s SoHo district at 1:20 a.m. on Thursday (Feb. 17), 10 minutes before the event was supposed to end. As patrons exited the spot, Fox Boogie locked herself in the bathroom and refused to leave, prompting security to physically remove her from the venue, reports TMZ.

The Don Diva has found herself in the legal crosshairs over the past few years. She was sentenced to a year in jail after violating probation in 2007 for assaulting two manicurists, and was released in April 2008. Last July, she was arrested yet again for breaking a protection order after her neighbor accused her of mooning her.

UPDATE: Foxy Brown has denied the reports. “The story is a complete fabrication,” she tells “When I got to the club I was not intoxicated at all. That’s a lie. There was no intoxication, there was no drama, and I was never physically escorted out by security.”

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  1. The Prophet Blog

    My poor girl :(

    She’s always such a mess.


    andrew Reply:

    @The Prophet Blog, aha yes always a mess


  2. Brionna

    y Foxx boogie YYYY???


  3. andrew

    Lmfao what a joke.


  4. fizzle

    Foxy B*tch u is really making this difficult hunny. gra u betta suck it up like a good d*ck and get it together chile. ugh!


    queensize Reply:

    @fizzle, Wonka Wonka Owww.


  5. KlothezMinded

    She is so dumb!


  6. sowat889

    Foxy u need a job this aint cuttin it lol


    Brandon Reply:

    @sowat889, LMAO


    brittany Reply:

    @sowat889, lmmfao. she need to hang it up FLATSCREEN


  7. ponyo

    i am not a foxy fan but i really hate to see her go down like this….i hope she gets it together….because foxy one of hiphops icons


  8. key

    man i used to be a huge fan even im ready to die for kim,whats wrong with u girl


  9. atanda

    Foxxxxy,Pull ur ass* together or better still go get ursef anoda job!


  10. brittany

    Foxy isn’t an icon. she’s barely done anything. two platinum albums and two shelved flops. her career ended in 2001 she had a 5 year career and kim is still makin music.


  11. patty

    she jus sounds like an idiot what a disgrace! go get a job u stank heffa and stop lying!!! u know u was drunk i was there i saw with my own eyes u gettin escorted out yous a hot mess!!! i used to be down wit chu back ina day but u turned in a big way….damn pitiful shame;-(


  12. Tua Sane

    I Believe and Sounds Of Blackness – malescrubah


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