Jay-Z and LeBron James Unveil Gym for Youth at Boys & Girls Club

LeBron James and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and LeBron James gave back to the community for the third year in a row during NBA All-Star Weekend by teaming up with Sprite to present a renovated gym to the Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles on Saturday (Feb. 19). Hip-hop and basketball’s MVPs interacted with the youth, posed for photos, and unveiled a mural by artist Mr. Cartoon. After performing their good deed, the titans hosted their 5th Annual Two Kings Dinner at Craft in Century City.

Jay-Z Jay-Z

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  1. ekwu

    lol jay z smiling????a miracle…..bey must be puting downnn


  2. Kulbee30

    Jay must be working on new music hence his hair! lol!


  3. Yaser Lad

    Jay needs a shave!!!


  4. cubevision

    this dude has finally got some hair on his face wow


  5. Bam2

    Check it, im a jay fan no doubt but maken music or not my Mann has to tighten that head up. Take it bald or with a tight fade or something, but sit’n up there smiling with that mess sit’n on top of ya dome ain’t the look. Look Jay I’m gonna need you to get ya mind right “K”. Lol


  6. Lyfechanges

    I wish Jay would hurry up and finish that album because his hair looks rough!


  7. Rita

    LOL at all the hair complaints. Ummmm Jay can do whatever he wants. It’s just hair. HIS hair. Not any of yours. He’ll cut it when he finishes working on the album. He’s been growing HIS hair out during the recording of every album since Vol 1. Just didn’t have the paps and stuff all up his ass taking pics or people running blogs to post the pics so peeps could talk about it. And as he said:

    “…peasy hair, still get paid…I’m combing through G’s….we aint focused on naps cuz I don’t run rap no more I run the map…” So what WE talking about again?


  8. chris

    I thought it was a great event! And J don’t have to do anything but keep his head to the sky and keep giving back! What a blessed man! Proud to be apart of that event!



    You guys act like your run PR for these celebrities. Stop taking it so damn personal. Get over it. People can comment on what they like and dislike, stop feeling the need to run to a multi-millionaires defense.


  10. rnch

    why is it that every time a black celebrity grows his hair out yall say it looks gross? That’s that self-hate trait. Western/European culture has lead you into belieing that curly hair is gross.And that’s sad. His hair looks fine to me. Sorry it doesnt look like zach effron’s.


  11. Slim



    Programmed Negros,LOL AND LMAO AND LMFAO!!

    Such Silly Dumb Dumbs!!


  12. Cocopops

    Mr Carter always look, either he shaves or not. He’s a legend and can do whatever he likes, your hatred cant take away anything from him, he has achieve already. I think he look more mature with this hair and not all this young niggas tryin to make pimpin with their haircuts…


  13. DetoxIsComingReallyFast (Dre produce something plz)

    Jigga n LeBron cool again??? when did this happen?


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