Video: Melanie Fiona Sings Canadian National Anthem at NBA All-Star Game

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona represented for her native Canada by belting the Canadian National Anthem “O Canada” before the NBA All-Star Game at the Staples Center in L.A. on Sunday (Feb. 20). Past performers include fellow Canucks Nelly Furtado and Tamia. The R&B songstress was followed by Josh Groban, who sang the U.S. National Anthem.


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  1. sticks 24

    first in this bitch, and i didnt even watch it


    Yeah Reply:

    @sticks 24, only in this bitch cuz nobody care :P


  2. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ

    She did a nice job. I still can’t get over Tamia’s renditions but Melanie definitely did the song justice. Josh Groban did a good job too.


  3. bijan

    beautiful rendition


  4. JHP

    Love Melanie Fiona, she’s such a classy and gorgeous woman, with a beautiful voice to match! Straight wifey type!


    Lil' Nello Reply:

    @JHP, exactly my thoughts! As I have said before I think there is something in Canada’s water to produce such beautifully gorgeous women as Melanie, Tamia, Melyssa Ford & the list goes on! Really good performance & rendition too!


  5. musakfool87

    she’s AIGHT……….


  6. Jarvis


    I agree she is wifey type…and she did a good job sangin


  7. Lexx_Janay

    just aight? please she killed it…her vocals were on point! *clap clap bravo*


  8. babygirl

    HAHAHAHAH Canadian anthem AHAHAHA Why??


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