Rap-Up TV: Sean Garrett Talks New Beyoncé and Estelle Music

Sean Garrett celebrated NBA All-Star Weekend with his Roc family at Jay-Z and LeBron James’ Two Kings After-Party. When not partying, the hitmaker has been in the studio working on his Roc Nation debut, due this summer, as well as projects for Justin Bieber, K. Michelle, Estelle, and Beyoncé.

While he was tight-lipped about Mrs. Carter’s highly-anticipated fourth album, the “Diva” songwriter said to expect an announcement from the superstar herself soon. “She’ll be telling you real soon what the album’s about,” he told Rap-Up TV.

He had a little more to say about Estelle’s new single, which he helmed. “It’s really international, but it’s also very rhythmic. It’s gon’ bang up the clubs. I think this is a record that actually can work on rhythm, urban, and international [radio].”

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  1. jay

    i really dont like this guy


    Yeah Reply:

    me either


  2. Kyle

    I was wondering what was going on with Estelle. It’s too bad because I really liked “Freak” and “Fall In Love” but it didn’t seem like they won over the majority. Hopefully her new album drops real soon!!!


  3. JAYE

    I’m so sick of hearing about the new Bey album, just give me the single already. I’m in agony!


    Reddboi*Stan4Bey Reply:

    @JAYE, okk!!! I’m bout t go crazy with anticipation!! I can’t take it no more!! Lmao


  4. jamie

    she better do an announcement soon her fans are waiting !!!!!!!!!! love you queen B xxxxxx


  5. babygirl

    I wish him success. He’s talented.


  6. Beystanbish

    I just know Bey is about to drop another monster hit and clear scalps.


  7. storm

    I’m finna cry come on bey


  8. Beyonce is the Queen

    Expect an announcement on Bey’s website soon! i’m so excited!! i hate how Rihanna is getting all the attention and Bey just sits and watches her perform all the time! it should be the other way around…


    AllAboutRIHRIH! Reply:

    @Beyonce is the Queen,

    Oh girl you REAL mad ain’t you!


  9. Brionna

    I can’t wait for Bey’s album


  10. GangsterA

    can’t wait 4 queen b music shes comin pepole be ready


  11. storm

    Who’s mad bish u know bey comin 2 mute these hoes ….there is no other ………her time is almost expired……


  12. storm

    Rifossil who


  13. Jivesh

    Oh Beyonce, come quickly. You are tormenting all pf us., Come Come quickest you can, my girl.

    Ring the alarm!!!!!!!!!!!


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