Video: Beyoncé Joins Jay-Z and LeBron James at Two Kings Charity Event

Jay-Z and LeBron James joined forces to give back to the local community by unveiling a renovated gym at the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club as part of their annual Two Kings charity event sparked by Sprite. The superstars posed for photos and got a first look at a graffitied mural designed by renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. Beyoncé was on hand to check out the new space and listen as her hubby and LeBron shared encouraging words with the youth.

“We’re very honored to be here,” Jay told the youngsters during NBA All-Star Weekend. “We see ourselves in your eyes and we’re very happy to be here to let you guys know that if you stay focused and you follow your dream, you stay in school, that you can definitely make it in life.”

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  1. roro

    i love how approachable jay is now
    unlike other OG rappers who refuse to grow up (ahemm 50 cent) he’s actually cool with his newfound maturity
    anybody who mentions illumati below is a retard.


  2. JuanR

    Beyonce is so pretty!


  3. thadundun

    @roro, illuminati you say??? *trollface*

    nahh jkjk lmfaoo
    yeaa i agree witchu, jay is an amazing person in addition to his talents and business intelligence. and queen bey is lookin mighty fly! looks like shes getting in shape for a new album!!!! SOON HOPEFULLY BEY!!!!! i’m just sitting here, ya know.. dieing! LMFAOOO <3


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  5. fatu sankoh

    beyonce looks so beautiful as always god bless bey and jay


  6. Neickha

    Wow what an empowerment. Such a beautiful organization to help the youth


  7. Tbaby

    Good work guys, but I wish he had reiterated what he said at the dinner. It starts at home and we as parents have to show our kids Lebron and Jay and make sure they understand that these are two successful black businessmen who used their God given talents to get where they are but they aren’t perfect and not everything they do or say should be emulated.


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