Video: Snoop Dogg Makes the ‘G-Connection’

Snoop Dogg

Snoop DoGGGG throws on a few extra “Gs” in his new commercial for MetroPCS to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Indulge smartphone. In the ’80s-inspired clip, Tha Doggfather acts as three different contestants on a dating show, hosted by rapper Warren G, starring model Brittany Dailey, and presented by the man with the “Golden Voice,” Ted Williams. See which version of Snoop has the smoothest moves by watching the faux TV show.

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  1. saadkid08

    HEY that guy who was homeless was the announcer! Woooooo


  2. Takeisha

    I am trying to stay connected with the RAP world. I feel like I been missing out on a lot of great MUSIC. Stay POSITIVE people….


  3. Takeisha

    I LOVE this dating game video. It’s funny and shows a three dimensional Snoop Dogg. Great laughs GUYS and Warren you look handsome in a suit…


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