Willow Smith Whips Her Skates Back and Forth

Willow Smith

Willow Smith rolled into her “Whip Your Skates Back and Forth” party at Fleetwood Roller Rink in Summit, Illinois, earlier this week. Clad in an aqua blue tracksuit, the pocket-sized pop star hosted a meet-and-greet with fans to discuss her “I Love Me” campaign, meant to encourage kids to love themselves and show respect for each other. After posing for pics, the “Whip My Hair” singer strapped on her skates and hit the rink. Roll with Willow below.

Photo credit: Jeff Schear

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  1. OnlyBoy

    lol at this little girl! like a little Will! cant wait for the new vid!


  2. NickiFan

    This is just ridiculous! How can a friggin
    9yr old be richer than me?
    I respect those who had to work had for their
    Success rather than those whom it was
    Handed to on a silver platter..


    Dubem Okam Reply:

    @NickiFan, so she didn’t work for it?go and work for your own money.you would get there lmaoo


    Dave Reply:

    @NickiFan, You must be mad & bothered. It’s clearly her parents & no one got on stage to perform her songs, nor sing her songs. Nor be in the studio & the creative process for her career. The girl is working hard.


    From Tokyo Reply:

    @NickiFan, I never knew hard work could be handed on silver platter. Tell us why you really mad, boo.

    Just because somebody is the child of someone famous doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard, too. She didn’t choose her circumstance. If she was marketed in the same way without being related to someone famous then she might still have gotten success. I think it stupid that people don’t think that a child wouldn’t want to do the same career as their parents (Jamie Lee Curtis, Liza Minnelli, Charlie Sheen, Keifer Sutherland, and the list goes on and on and on) – that’s why there are generations of families in a particular industry. It is the life they were brought up in.


  3. Rosewood

    She’s so cute.


  4. mercedes

    hi my name is mercedes johnson and i was at your party


    real mercedes Reply:

    @mercedes, please. i’m the real mercedes johnson. i was actually at your party unlike this HATER WANNABE.


  5. Neickha

    She’s so amazing.Wish she was my little sis.


  6. From Tokyo

    She is so cute! Go Willow!


  7. Barry

    ‘Pocket-sized pop star’ <– lol 2 that!


  8. zair

    I like her…but she be wearing some crraaaazy stuff. I’m thirteen and about to step into the music biz or whatever. getting signed to conquer entertainment and my parents said i have to “watch out” for willow. O..o Seriously? i’m thirteen and i dont feel as though I need to compete against her..
    or do i ?


  9. Bridget

    I love WILLOW!!!!! I was at the party! She’s so cool! And I love her outfits! I heard her favorite drink is WAT-AAH! Where can I get some????????/


    jasmine Reply:

    wat-aah iz at my skool!!!! lolz
    I LUV WILLOW!!!!


  10. Kelly

    I WANT HER SHOESSSSS!!!!! Luv her style!


  11. mykyzia

    Wow! I really joyed being their and taking pics with you i was from Alex Haley and i wish i could get in a video with you !!!!!!I Luvs you willow we were also born in the same year you are a inspiration”!!!!!!!!!!!!#1 fan!!!!!!10 rocks


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