Jennifer Lopez Lets Fans Decide Ending to ‘On the Floor’ Video

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is putting the power in her fans’ hands. The singer-actress is letting the public decide the ending to her “On the Floor” music video.

The RedOne-produced single from J.Lo’s upcoming album Love? has already hit No. 2 on iTunes following its release this week. The Pitbull-assisted clip, directed by Taj, will make its debut March 3 on “American Idol” and VEVO.

The announcement was made this morning on Ryan Seacrest’s 102.7 KIIS FM show. “‘On the Floor’ the video is going to be released with two different endings,” said Seacrest. “You can vote on which one you like better and the one with the most votes will premiere March 3 on ‘American Idol,’ the same night that the top 12 [contestants] are revealed.”

J.Lo added, “You get to do what I do. Like I go in there with my videos and I start editing and picking all the shots I like and the things that I like and what I feel the best kind of feeling for the record is. You guys get to do that. We picked two different ones and we weren’t sure.”

Viewers will have the option to choose which version they like best. “It’s just different shots. You just decide like, ‘I like the way that feels or I like the way that feels,’” explained the “Idol” judge.

J.Lo’s seventh album Love? will feature production from Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, and a potential collaboration with Rick Ross.

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  1. OnlyLove

    so good, so mutha f’n good!!!! i cant wait for it!!!


  2. Dave

    YAY! But, we know this era Monica started it off with choosing the ending thing.


  3. henry

    I vote for option #4: “Who gives a shit?”


    j j Reply:

    @henry, LOL


    joshj Reply:

    @henry,YOU don’t give a shit Why u in Here Reading this Post??? Some Of U Are So F*$king stupid its not even Funny….sigh


    kani k Reply:


    we give a henry.


  4. BlondeShellMinaj

    @henry Lmao.



    Great idea!!


  6. Davina

    Plenty of people Henry are it wouldn’t be smashing the itunes charts around the world.

    #1 Austria
    #1 Australia
    #1 Belgium
    #1 Finland
    #1 France
    #1 Greece
    #1 Sweden
    #1 spain
    #2 US
    #2 Canada
    #4 Denmark
    #4 Italy
    #6 Germany
    #7 Norway
    #9 Luxembourg
    #10 Switzerland


  7. joshj

    @Henery YOU don’t give a shit Why u in Here Reading this Post??? Some Of U Are So F*$king stupid its not even Funny….sigh


    GRRRR Reply:

    @joshj, That isn’t the point, but the fact that it isn’t important to have viewers vote for the video’s ending. We’re not saving Libya by doing it or anything.


  8. Johnny

    Can’t wait. I loved her ‘Get Right’ video. It is one of the hottest club videos of the last decade.
    I hope ‘On the Floor’ will be as good as ‘Get Right’!!!!

    J.Lo is back bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Neickha

    Yes.I like when Artist do this. The song is awesome.


  10. ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ

    Can’t wait.


  11. atanda

    Can’t wait to hear it drop 4m d negro-hater!


  12. fi



  13. Jay Phresh

    i say she jus rips her clothes off. lol jk


  14. Ya




  15. Marlon

    wow. She is so amazing right now. Coming back stronger than ever. Hope she will come up with some new movies as well.

    But first of all see her acting her was through the new video.

    On the floor!!!!!!!!


  16. dallas

    I can’t wait for this album!!


  17. Jay

    I love “On the Floor”!!! This is seriously my favorite dance song out! Parts of the song take me back to the old J Lo, Waiting for Tonight, one of my favorite songs.


  18. princess

    I do care about her and i`m very exited about LOVE? album,i have all Jen`s albums and i like them all especially This is me…then and BRAVE.
    This woman is very talented,i like her music,dancing and acting (especially in El Cantante)
    She`s a LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!


  19. girl20

    i think jlo is still beautiful but music wise she needs to stop


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