New Music: Timbaland f/ J’Royal Price & JimmyCodean – ‘Hot Mess’

Hot Mess

This week’s installment of Timbaland Thursdays comes in the 11th hour with the release of “Hot Mess” featuring J’Royal Price and JimmyCodean. Over a slinky club beat, Timbo chants about wanting to get with a girl but having to turn her down because of her questionable behavior. “Hey, look at that girl standing there in that little bitty dress/ I think I wanna but I…/ Her girlfriend looking like a hot mess,” he emphatically barks on the chorus. Fix up and look sharp with the latest from Mr. Mosley.

Timbaland f/ J’Royal Price & JimmyCodean – “Hot Mess”

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  1. T.I. Supporter



  2. chet

    the beat is pretty dope but the song is kinda weak. i miss tim’s old shit. if his timbo thursday’s is any indication of what sv3 is going to be than i’m going to have to pass. he needs to go back to the beats he was making from
    ’96-’02, or at least hook back up with danja.


    Marlon Reply:

    @chet, u are totally right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Blaze Reply:

    @chet, I agree this is just ok some of the timbaland thursday joints are hot like 808,lil apartment,round da way tim.But that old sound that made us lose it thats what I want back those Supa friends days.


  3. Toasty

    totally agree mr. chet…!


  4. danja

    YEA he need to back danja
    but seems they have quarreled
    PS borin track


  5. DJ

    eh most of these wouldve been unreleased stuff anyways
    theirs a reason they arnt on albums .


  6. Chr♪$!

    i think its cool that all the timbo thursday, Good Friday, puff puff, blue fri., monsta mon. has cover to all of the songs.
    All the songs there is should have a coverart.


  7. Dave

    Good thing it’s free because I wouldn’t be paying for it.


  8. Dave

    I guess the title of the song is fitting to the perception of the song “Hot Mess” exactly.


  9. The Beast

    Let’s get back to songs similar to the original Shock Value. Those were sick. I want to hear more like Bounce and The Way I Are. These are only worth getting because they are free. Kanye at least put out songs that people would pay to get because they were so good. These are just ehhh. At least get bigger names on them instead of these fellows who are unheard of. More Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, and Keri Hilson at the least.


    MONKEY! Reply:

    @The Beast, a new album for Justin Timberlake would be awsome picking FS/LS as a basis. Timbo’s singing/rapping is just weird.


  10. From Tokyo

    What is that yellow outfit on the picture?!!!! Is that even legal to wear? lol!


  11. Amir

    OOHHHH SYYATTTTT DATS A HOOAAAOOOOOOOOOWTTT MESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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