Video: Jennifer Hudson – ‘Where You At’

Jennifer Hudson goes back home in the Anthony Mandler-directed video for “Where You At,” the first single from her sophomore album I Remember Me, due March 22. The powerhouse diva shows off her slim figure while braving Chicago’s cold winter. See her soar once more.

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  1. Yeah



  2. coy

    its aight.. love her voice thats all that matters.


  3. big v

    i love her chi town all day


  4. meme

    very satisfied with this video. She is one gorgeous brown girl. I cant believe i like her now (i was once her last fan). But i cant help but be happy for her. The song isnt exactly first single material but i appreciate wat shes doing. Great job


  5. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    I love this song, the second I heard it I liked it …


  6. NellyAreGoneGoneBoyYouNowUgotmegone

    when she was bigger i like her more than jet because shes gonna be a slut like Rihanna !

    Team Keri Hilson , Kelly Rowland and Ciara (Y) <3 ok Beyoncé is the Queen of all but i like Keri Kelly and Cici a lil bit more .. RiRi is bored me with her new material i like her GGGB material



    This song is hot but i the video was a bit blah. nonetheless though, she has an breathtaking voice and thats what counts. And she’s lookin’ pretty fine in that new body of hers lol


  8. Kaii

    amazing :)


  9. Leon

    “Where You At”? The world certainly doesn’t need more Ebonics. No wonder kids are so illiterate.


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  11. fizzle

    Yesss Mrs. Jennifer…..I wanna hear some Effie White on that album too!


  12. youdontneedtoknow

    tired of women complaining about men!!!


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