New Music: J. Cole – ‘Nothing Like It’

J. Cole

J. Cole unleashes a new track called “Nothing Like It” for your Friday night enjoyment. The Roc Nation rapper spits fire over a soulful beat. “Don’t make me pull the trigger/ I think you ni**as is daring me/ Go f**k around and get your new favorite rapper embarrassed, see/ I’m the supplier of that fire and the kerosene,” boasts a confident Cole. Listen to Cole’s cold words below.

J. Cole – “Nothing Like It”


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  1. Rodney Rocko



  2. The Beast

    Not his best song, but not bad. My favorite is In The Morning.


    jacq Reply:

    @The Beast

    thats MY FAVE!


  3. Jay Phresh



  4. drew1

    lol if in the morn’ is your favourite then you’re probably hopping on that bandwagon


    brandon Reply:

    @drew1, lol hell yeah niggas just catchin on, “higher” “i get up” “song for the ville” are my jahnkes


  5. dj

    IF you like IN THE MORNING your not a true j. cole fan only hoped on because drake was on it. Real fans been listening to j. cole mixtapes: the come up and the warm up!


    Benjay Reply:

    @dj, hell yeah


  6. headphones

    Cole World!


  7. JHP

    Band-wagoners lol. I’m not mad at em, if they’ve at least heard of Cole that’s good, but yeah they obviously just listened to In The Morning cause of Drake probably, but that if far from his best song. Get up on some “Lights Please” “Grown Simba” “Losing My Balance” “Can’t Cry” “Song For The Ville”.


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  9. MrCYC

    cole world all day yall dudes on about ‘in the morning is the best’ you need to listen to his mixtape …friday night lights is better than your best rappers best album! say no more villematic


  10. GRRRR

    Hmm… are we seeing a new J. Cole track every Friday night in future?


  11. cubevision

    anyone claiming that in the orning is j.cole’s best song should not even claim to be a fan of his


  12. Kiki

    I like his flow and I really don’t mess with hip hop these days so i hope his album will succeed. Still loving friday night lights.


  13. The Beast

    Sorry guys, that was the first song I had ever heard by J. Cole except for A Star Is Born and I liked the song. I liked the soft comforting feel of the piano. And I actually have downloaded The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights so chill out.


    Vin Reply:

    @The Beast, well start listening to them


  14. Drizzy Drew

    J Cole go hard it’s Cole World


  15. uknowme

    This is a nice track, can’t wait for his debut album and Wiz Khalifa


  16. pam

    Aaah I rem this preview from his old colestream in november! Thank god its out! COLE WORLD.


  17. HipHopFan

    best j.cole song is lights please


  18. Drew

    in the morning is definitely not his best song…


  19. shrugs

    if they favorite j cole song is in the morning who cares that doesnt mean they not a j cole fan ..perosnally my favorite is ” 2 face ” and i like this song i just cant wait for his album jayz needs to get on that


  20. dc

    no one mentioning this is a really old kanye beat he did for beanie sigel? fyi..


  21. elleuk

    fav j.cole songs, losing my balance, won’t be long, can i live, higher, blow up…


  22. Breona

    J.Cole is the most talented and inspirational artist since Tupac.. He will definitly revive hip hop! I love J.Cole wit all my heart ! The best live performer! The best all around!


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