Video: Aubrey O’Day Talks Reality Show, Competing with Pop Peers

Aubrey O'Day

In anticipation of her Oxygen reality show “All About Aubrey,” Aubrey O’Day fields questions from fans on the latest installment of VEVO’s ASK:REPLY series. The former Danity Kane member speaks about competing with fellow blondes Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, names Keri Hilson, Shanell, Lil Wayne, and Drake as some of her favorite songwriters, and shares plans for a tour.

She also sheds light on her reality show, premiering March 7 at 10 p.m. EST. “What you’ll expect in my reality show is the official comeback kid story,” she explains. “I go from the downfall of Danity Kane and ‘Making the Band’ and the situation we had with Diddy at Bad Boy, and I basically tell the story of what happens when you’re trying to come back up and have another successful era in your career and what it feels like mentally and physically.”

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  1. vladica07

    I <3 her so much! #GoAubrey


  2. GRRRR

    Time to switch off your TV.



    im starting to like her again….the show looks good


  4. sebastian14

    In the picture she looks like an older Miley Cyrus.. Anyone else agree? lol

    Hope she does well with what shes doing tho!


  5. Rosewood

    I actually miss seeing her on TV and what not. Plus she stood up to Diddy’s wack ass, who else would be that bold? haha.


  6. bijan

    I cant believe this is the girl that was on making the band. she talks like a complete ditz now will NOT be watching the show. just makes me feel sad…


  7. JHP

    If she’s trying to comeback and has the good music to back it, then more power to her. I just don’t like how fake her whole body looks. Her face is covered in make-up, I’m sure she’s had plastic surgeries, extensions in her hair. The unnatural manufactured look is not that sexy IMO…still’d hit though lol


  8. Lisa

    Love Aubrey! She was always the fun one and I hope she has a successful music career.


  9. jamie chiasson

    love you xoxoxoxooxoox go me sex yes


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