Video: Jessie J Catches Bieber Fever, Performs on ‘Graham Norton’

Jessie J

Jessie J didn’t pop a bottle when her smash “Price Tag” hit the top of the singles chart in the U.K. Grabbing a seat on BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show,” the British songbird explained that she went the untraditional route to congratulate herself on the career milestone.

“I got my teeth whitened,” revealed the 22-year-old songstress, who showed off her pearly whites. “I really did though. You think I’m joking, I’m really not.”

The wise-cracking star also discussed rubbing elbows with Justin Bieber at the BRIT Awards, where she was named Critics’ Choice. While the teen idol is known for putting moves on the ladies, she insists he remained a gentleman. “He was really sweet. He actually mentioned me at the BRITs. I was sitting there powdering my nose, kind of waiting to go up on stage, really nervous, and I just heard like, ‘Yeah, I’m really feeling Jessie J!’ And I just felt like all his fans, even though they weren’t there, were just like ‘Grr!’” she joked. “He’s lovely. And his film’s really good. His hair in 3-D is epic.”

Wearing a nude-colored catsuit she described as a “fancy condom,” Jessie also performed “Price Tag” from her debut album Who You Are, arriving in the U.K. next week and on April 12 in the U.S.

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  1. Tamati

    First :) whos jessie j?


  2. MONKEY!

    who are you ?


    Prada-G Reply:

    @MONKEY!, lmao! completely agree! if you dont know who jessie j is than you really need to get hip!!


    SAM Reply:

    @MONKEY!, looool XD EXACTLY !! :P


  3. danielle

    errrm she is jessie j she calls justin bieber her lil brother and he calls her is big sister and she was drunk and put something about bieber on twitter pissing about with bieber and his fans took it nastely anfd giving her hate sort it man im a beliver but come on


  4. arnica

    love you jessie j all day


  5. Jordan Gabriel

    To those who wonder who Jessie J is…

    Jessie J has been around on the UK scene for ages, she finally gets to release her music and let me tell you, that girl is not your average pop singer, she CAN SING and she CAN WRITE and she’s got ATTITUDE and she has nothing fake about her. She is a true genuine modern artist.


  6. Shanny

    Shes a UK artist u shoulda read up..


  7. No ma'am

    I love Jessie J that girl can blow!! And she is so charming! A great combination to have as a music artist. (Hint, hint)


  8. Kelly

    I have never heard of her either lol, I think she pays this website to give her promotion or something


  9. tiffany

    jessie j is a new breath in music industry, she wrote for lots of rnb people
    she gives a f*cking lesson to american no talent chicks
    the first who trusted in her was chris brown and he invinted her on his tour in january 2009 (in paris especially)
    i remember we were like…… oh my god who’s dat girl who scream like dat!! amazing but she spend all her life here, we want chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss”
    and now i’m happy to have know her when she was “nothing” in the game! at the time i searched her name on internet and no picture of her!! but now she’s a recognized talent



  10. Heminem

    She needs to come to the US for Promo.
    Shes already made it in the UK


  11. Yana

    Go Jessie!!!!!


  12. Mo

    She needs to burn the catsuit and the giant black knickers shes wearing under them.


  13. Bomber

    Im up her every nite !


  14. Biboo

    %%%%%%%%%%%%%justin bieber%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%


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