50 Cent Makes Magic with David Guetta

David Guetta and 50 Cent

50 Cent is hitting the dance floor. After working with Akon, Kid Cudi, and Rihanna, DJ David Guetta has enlisted the hip-hop superstar for his latest collaboration. Fif visited the studio to record for the French producer’s upcoming album. “This me and David Guetta in the studio we just made a big hit for his album suckers lol,” tweeted 50, to which Guetta responded, “Thank you so much for those magic moments. You are a beast.”

The G-Unit captain shared that his own album, due this summer, will provide a change of pace from the music dominating airwaves. “My album stupid hard I know people are gonna be ready for it after all the pop and party records out,” he told his followers.

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  1. vladica07

    Its gonna be something hot 4 sure!


  2. chunel

    Bullshit ! 50 ain’t gangsta no more….He will do the same crap radio music as everybody else !


    mas Reply:

    @chunel, so fucking true!


  3. lild

    Lol @ 50 claiming his album gonna be gangsta and shit and hes collaborating on David Guetta album.
    Can he please just go away. does anyone even listen to his music anymore??!!


    SOULKILLA Reply:

    @lild, yeah i wonder who does lol hahahaha your a funny critic jst make sure you download the damn song dont seem like the type to even respect the record enough to buy it hahahahaha haterade is addictive i know but sip slow hahaha


    T.I. Supporter Reply:



  4. AnnKa

    “I know people are gonna be ready for it” <= I don't know if we are ready for more Flop music.


  5. William

    I saw D Guetta live last month. He sounds like an elf.


  6. Emma

    Bullshit! He’ll release some Alex Da Kid produced ballad with Skylar Greys vocals or some shit and name it something generic like “Toaster” and have some fem chrous like “You burnt my toast, like my heart. Butter me and eat me alive.” or some shit!


  7. cheah!!!

    @Emma, *dead*


  8. Chr♪$!



  9. Natalia

    oh no! I hate David Guetta!!!!!!!!omg..50 Cent.. ;/ I like him ..I love Hip Hop but I hate club music!;(


    roro Reply:

    @Natalia, sorry how do you say you like 50 cent, and then say you love hip hop right after? don’t they contradict? you make my head hurt


  10. oso_jo_o

    @Emma, hehe! lmao, that’s true.



    hahahahaha this is what makes a legend and this is how you know your a star a bunch of nobodies become your critic well everybody is a critic hahahaha yall lined up to hate hahahaha

    just the fact that yall curious enough to point out your opinions you all know youll listen and download the track get over your asses and indulge the fact that these are both prominent artists and noble at what they do…


  12. 50CentFan

    Can’t Wait for this !!!!!!!!


  13. roro

    wtf he disses kanye & wayne for exploring styles outside of rap and then he goes to do dance music once he flops in hip hop?
    what’s the word i’m looking for……… phony?


  14. Alex

    Fif always go hard.. I like his new stuff and his old but I think his next album gonna be more Get Rich style which will be good because after all when an album goes 8x platinum you must be doing something right. Even if it is the most gangsta album tho, he’ll still need a slightly friendlier single that will get airplay that will attract people to his music and people (haters) will automatically say the album ain’t gangsta because of it. Good luck fifty.


  15. sdsdf

    i fuckin hate david guetta. 50=flop


  16. Ruud

    lol @ these sub-humans hating on a song they haven’t listened to! smfh..


  17. Gayboi

    50 is so harddddd!


  18. 50cent fan

    Why these 50 haters waste eir tym commenting on ths shit FUCK U N YO MUTHAFUCKN MAMAS DIE SLOW SUCKERS cnt wait tho 4 tht banger


  19. Jazmine

    love you 50 !


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