Michael Jackson Fans to Star in ‘Behind the Mask’ Music Video

Michael Jackson

Following last year’s release of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album MICHAEL, fans will once again get a chance to show their love for the King of Pop. Sony Music has launched a project on MichaelJackson.com for MJ followers to upload and edit their own clips in a music video contest for his newest single “Behind the Mask,” penned n 1979.

Led by Radical Media and director Dennis Liu, the mash-up competition allows for entrants to select a move, crowd reaction, or lyric, and then use a split-screen template to film themselves doing the moonwalk or other signature MJ moves through their webcam.

Contestants will be able to enter the project beginning on March 7, after which Liu will select the best entries and incorporate them into the final music video.

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  1. lina

    The expiry date,is it 7th march or that’s the date we should submit our video?


  2. Cathy Anderson

    MY but isn’t SONY being clever! ??? Buying Jackson fans by giving them a split second of exposure. IF IF IF, you are a true Jackson fan..respect him by not not not participating, SONY is trying to dupe you. Are we that dense?! I hope not. STAND UP for Michael……….don’t participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Putt

    Cathy Anderson, MJ unfortunately is no longer alive to fight for or make decisions that will impact his legacy. A legal contract was signed with Sony and even though we as fans may not accept all of Sony’s actions, the fact remains, if MJ’s products are boycotted, we are not only hurting Sony, we will also be hurting MJ!!!


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  5. Alicia Cole

    I personally think dis is one way of remembering him in another way. I’d love to b a part of dis project.


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