Chris Brown Shows Off More Breezy Art

Breezy Art

Chris Brown has unveiled his latest works of art. The blond-haired singer tweeted photos of his graffitied paintings, including one with a black-and-white photo of a girl and the words “Dream Date” over her, a comic-book inspired piece titled “Shadow Walker,” and another with a topless hottie that he calls “Love vs. Falling in Love.”

Chris’ fourth album F.A.M.E. is now available for pre-order on iTunes and features collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Game, and more.

Peruse more pics from his gallery below.

Breezy Art Breezy Art

What do you think of Breezy’s latest batch of artwork?

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  1. bee

    he is so talented!!!!


  2. Neickha

    Chris is awesome. FAME March 22nd 2011
    FAME March 22nd 2011


  3. Sasha Fierce is the Queen!

    he’s a talented kid. hope FAME does well on the charts. March 18 in Australia!!!!


  4. rob

    am i the only one that thinks dream date looks like beyonce


    Ari Reply:

    @rob, Too bad the grl looks nothing like beyonce her name is Karuchee. Facebook her.


  5. trish

    I like them all. CB went really metaphoric with the Love vs. Falling In Love piece but I love the CB is expressing himself in his most comfortable element.


  6. Kiki

    He is a complete confused version of Bansky artist but i do admire his pieces.


    King Makers Reply:

    @Kiki, : confused about what?


  7. Jay

    CB is talented fasho. Man I can’t wait for F.A.M.E.!!!!!


  8. Luke

    MARCH 22nd! Champion!!!


  9. zania

    Chris if very talented. I love his art work. CB and Karrueche make a cute couple. I already bought FAME. I can’t wait to hear his new music.


  10. blaze

    This is very good so talented team breezy all day march 22nd F.A.M.E GO cop it Lets support our boy a real singer.


  11. ango

    That dream date is BEYONCE, but his art is hell good


    CBreezy Reply:

    @ango, That ain’t Beyonce.


    TAURUS1 Reply:

    @CBreezy, Chris you comic is nice,but the message troubles me. Are you ok. Keep your head up and pray. You are destined for success, the devil can’t stop GOD. My birthday is 05-07. Thats why the comic troubles me. You are multitalented. Truly blessed.


    #TeamBreezy Reply:

    @ango, this is not beyonce its his chick named Karrueche..she retweeted this on her twitter page


  12. GTFOH



    rinaboo Reply:

    @GTFOH, lol haha omg, why shawty got be a ho?? Why cant she just be his girlfriend??


  13. gustavo you know

    manmmm F.A.M.E is so cool migga i wanna be like CB as my favorite song chris brown is CRAWL man


  14. camila gabi

    Muito loca adorei.


  15. Kayla

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww he painted a pictuer of Karruche its nice to see hes moving on


  16. King Makers

    She is an angel sent to him specially to bring him purity, understanding, peace of mind, relaxation, healing, boost his confidence, bring out his best and comfort him as he goes through the toughest times in his life. I hope he keeps her, cos she is every real man’s dream. She is so pure and innocent, no baggages & issues, just simple and loving. Its the start of a perfect life for him now and like he said in his song to her “up to you” he really loves her too.


  17. Whatever

    Yall a bunch of delusional MFers, that is him wanting to be a white man and Rihanna’s messed up face that he punched and his next abuse victim the drugged up hoochie ho. Nothing has changed and Patty Mayonnaise who is also a gay blade has not changed and no matter how many times you change your screen name dude sucks on the DL tip.


  18. Heminem

    Im sure thats Rihanna!



    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! So happy CB is happy!!! Him and Kae are sooooo cute together!!! For those of you who dont know she is, thats his boo Kae!! She’s in both pics!!!



    @Heminem no it aint!! That’s Karrueche, CB’s love!! CB don’t want that big forehead girl!! She looks nothing like Kae!! Kae is naturally beautiful!!!


  21. malik

    HE SUCH A BEAST!! SHOW SUPPORT BUY HIS NEW ALBUM ‘FAME’ MARCH 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. tiffany


    I’m sure that girl us karrueche!!!!
    his girl!!
    her naked photos are waaaaaaayyy better than the rihanna ass and bvig hips dat we saw 2 years ago…

    you won chris


  23. TowandaW

    Beautiful Art…………Team Breezy All The Way’


  24. Janet

    The piece is deep. If you look below the eyes of the woman on the left, you see a red haired and blonde haired woman. Then you see his current girlfriend, Kae on the left side. Kae is in both pieces. Also he has K all over the painting. I’m sure its much more that we haven’t interpreted, but the message is deep.


  25. vivica

    O.K i don’t know much about art, beside the half-naked woman, lets focus on the cartoon blonde haired lady with glasses. Inside her face is two women one blonde and another one red, underneath her nose is a small animal, there’s also a letter ‘P’ between her battered face. Now if that doesn’t confuse you, i don’t know what else!!!!!


  26. Brixonne

    My idol…enough said.


  27. ri

    Niiiicccccceeeee! i love CB


  28. asunkee

    I liked that he’s moved on. It seems to be getting serious w/ this girl if she making art for her.


  29. mrs.chrisbrown

    I luv sum chris brown but his artwork is real ugly.


  30. Saleena(Mrs.Breezy)x

    n’aawh that is soo cute! he is really talented! the ‘girl’ is his girlfriend karrueche tran (‘kae’) that is why there is a bunch of k’s in the picture, aww i think they are so cute together even though teh thought of him being single is awesome, i want him to be happy and if she makes him happy-i’m all good :o) TEAM BREEZY ALL DAY EVERYDAY!


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