Diddy’s Awkward Interview About Aubrey O’Day and His Rap Skills


Diddy called in to 103.5 KISS FM in Chicago to announce his “Coming Home” tour, but he probably didn’t expect to be bombarded with questions about Aubrey O’Day, his rap skills, and being sued for a trillion dollars by a woman who claims he’s a terrorist.

On-air personality Special K asked the Bad Boy mogul whether the former Danity Kane member was a “slut,” to which Diddy replied no. “I don’t really specialize in sluts, playboy,” he told the shock jock.

Another cringe-worthy moment came when K outright asked him whether he thinks he’s a good rapper. “I’m OK,” said an honest Diddy about his MC skills.

Listen to the off-the-wall interview below.

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  1. MrMay

    Diddy doesn’t seem awkward. He seems cool in this.


  2. Trev

    “I’m OK”…hahahaha hilare! But he doesn’t even write his lyrics #shrug


  3. Yep Yep

    I don’t support this clown at all, props on being a Millionaire (I guess) but he’ll never get money from me..


    sean yum Reply:

    @Yep Yep, remain poor my dear door mat


  4. king_QUEZ



  5. vik

    I didn’t think this was Awkward either. I actually liked him a little bit more after hearing this video lol. He’s matured.. FINALLY. And after hearing his Love love vx Hate Love mixtape, I have realized that he and his crew are tight with their music making, it’s good music. Aside from the wording and occasional cursing that i can do without. He’s a good producer – ok singer/rapper – brilliant entrepreneur.


  6. Aiij

    there was no awkwardness here. what were you listening to? Sounds like you’re trying to create something out of nothing.


  7. Arthur

    Diddy was totally cool here…the radio guy is awkward.

    And Diddy is THE Man. People don’t realize how talented he is. A great producer, a great executive producer, and I like how he raps.


  8. Max

    Aubrey is not a slut. I actually respected her for not stepping down to Diddy on “Making The Band.” She was the only one who spoke her mind and called him out for not supporting/promoting Danity Kane like he should have.

    The better question would have been if Diddy thinks Cassie “F*** for Tracks” Ventura is a slut.


    ヅ•·.·´¯`·.·•-ΛalexisR-ΑΛΕΞΙΣ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ★ ☆ ✰ T.I.P.•·.·´¯`·.·ヅ Reply:


    Aubrey’s idea of promoting the group was what?


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    That radio interviewer did a bad job. Ugh he was trying hard to start something and be funny smh


  10. silly love

    Of anything the interviewer made me feel awkward and rubbed me the wrong way…he seems like those mean controversial radio hosts that like to start shxt to get attention


  11. ...

    Finally somebody’s not kissing Sean’s behind in an interview. He’s an awful rapper, an awful record executive, and an awful person.


  12. bijan

    Actually that was a good interview. i gained respect for diddy after it.


  13. R3Bon3

    “im ok” um no u r terrible


  14. roro

    really wish he would’ve let j. cole have coming home….. he knows very well cole could rap a million times better than him


  15. vladica07

    I cant believe he asked a thing like that about Aubrey!How rude!He will eat his words when she comes back with her show and album!


  16. hailing

    cool but awkward


  17. champ-ion

    that’s what he get’s. He know he misses Aubrey, dude was wrong and disrespectful. Diddy should have went to bat 4 her too. Seems like he LIKES this slutty image 4 Aub too though. Oh well, **ck-heads anyone?


  18. adam

    aubry who…never heard of her.


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