New Music: 50 Cent – ‘6 Out of 6 (Get Gully)’ [Freestyle]

6 Out of 6 (Get Gully)

50 Cent busts out some menacing rhymes on his latest freestyle, “6 Out of 6 (Get Gully),” produced by Cardiak. Over a thwacking drum pattern complemented by a stabbing synth melody, the G-Unit leader threatens violence on his foes, asking if they prefer the “knife or the razor.” “I shoot your pretty ass out them Gucci loafers/ For fu**in’ with the wrong one/ The strong one that God gave the gift/ Stop the hatin’ shit/ You want to make it, why would you be mad I done made it, bitch!” he growls. Listen to Fif’s threatening new tune below.

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  1. Yeah



  2. GAME

    this song go better for sleeping


  3. roro

    wow 50 cent rapping about violence. what else is new?


  4. Zac

    50 Recoverin, He rappin like he hungry again, he’s at the level that i was ridin with him, I’ve hated for 6 years (Since Massacre) dude is puttin out some good music i can’t deny, versatility u got them R&B joints with Lloyd & Jeremih, Hardcore Rap u gt this and a couple of others, all he needs now is a club banger & a story record and he might truly be back


  5. Fif

    fif..grimmey,this that gangsta shit.i like his outro in th track,when talks all that shit..He crazy!!


  6. Ray McMillian

    This 50 Track would be a good dis For Ty Murder but he already finished him like ten years ago


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