Rap-Up TV: Lupe Fiasco Talks ‘Lasers,’ ‘Words I Never Said’ Video, & Trey Songz

A week before Lasers beams into stores on March 8, Rap-Up TV caught up with Lupe Fiasco in the Big Apple to discuss his long-awaited album and how it stacks up to his previous works. “Lasers is a little bit more of a popular record,” shared the Chi-town MC. “It’s a bigger sound, bigger hooks, a little bit more open in essence, musically.” Only four or five songs from the original record made the final cut, according to Lupe.

His controversial single “Words I Never Said” is bound make even more noise when the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip premieres. “It was more so me being this liberator, undercover agent who was sneaking into this prison to kinda rescue one of my comrades from the clutches of the evil people,” explained Lupe of the action-packed visuals. “There’s fight scenes and a whole lotta action. It’s very aggressive, but at the end I get the girl, so that’s all that counts.”

Plus, find out why “All Black Everything” is Lupe’s favorite record ever and how “Out of My Head,” his collaboration with Trey Songz, came about. “I’m a big fan of his writing, big fan of his whole movement,” said Lupe of his labelmate. “He’s a super talent.”

Look for more from our exclusive interview with Lupe later this week.

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  1. CJ

    lasers is a sick cd


  2. Lupe FAN

    I didn’t like the album, it sucks

    like lupe, but not the music on lasers


  3. AnKkA

    Lupe = AMAZING!
    Yo fave could neva!!


  4. Macarons

    Lupe doesn’t like this album ’cause Atlantic forced him into making this album the way it is : lots of “popular songs” (as Lupe said). Now he has to promote “his” CD to earn money and make Atlantic Records happy but I’m sure real Lupe stuff is coming out with the next album (Food & Liquor II?).


  5. Lupe FAN

    I agree with you @Macarons


  6. Yeah

    I’m cool with LASERS although it sounds kind of pop-ish & rock-ish
    I guess some ppl are waiting for him to finish The Cool story, I am also, but don’t forget F&L Part 2 dropping later this year! :)

    There is nothing wrong with the album imo
    It has songs with messages and lyrical songs, it’s just the beats that ppl might not like.


  7. jj

    what is wrong with u people, lasers is sick!!!!!


  8. A.Davis

    Yeah this album is not all of what I’m sure Lupe wanted to put out but hey when you work for the man you have to conform a bit to make money. But over all its a decent album. Lupe shows up as always on the lyrical front. To the haters, hush and quit hatin’. If you don’t like…don’t listen, real fans will!


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