Video: Odd Future Wreaks Havoc in Funny or Die Skit

Odd Future

Record labels looking to sign Odd Future, take notes. In a comedy skit from, OFWGKTA members Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike D., and Jasper Loc pay a visit to EKG Records for a meeting about finally signing a record deal, but things don’t go quite as planned. After the executive reveals he hasn’t actually heard the L.A. collective’s music, the boys wild out and wreak havoc on his office. Watch the destruction in the hilarious and expletive-laden clip.

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  1. Jimbo When

    The cats are blowing up getting mad props from everywhere viral


  2. dankingkemp

    This is Better than SNL..)dk


  3. Yeah

    Funny or Die
    hmmmmmm Die


  4. powthis

    if they ever blow up .. hip-hop shall r.i.p


  5. ugh

    This was just flat out stupid.
    Their music is alright, but them as people and how they carry themselves is disgusting. Why are we glorifying being a misfits and delinquents? At least when N.E.R.D. did it, it was tolerable and not so extreme.


    N*e*rd Reply:

    @ugh, thats right


    GRRRR Reply:

    @ugh, Yeah I’m with you on this one.


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  7. Jean B.

    So, these guys are dating each other?


  8. NAME

    Funny or Die
    hmmmmmmm Die


  9. kappy

    tyler is way ahead of any freshman lyrically. he is the future watch….


    Your Name Here Reply:

    @kappy, AND EARL… #FREE’EARL


  10. Non-Hater

    @ugh, are you serious!? it’s sad that people will just be turned off because of their lyrics, because these guys are the most creative hip-hop artists out there right now, and they are going to be big. sorry that you’re just a hater, and afraid of the unknown. cunt.


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