Video: Timbaland and Missy Elliott Reunite, Share Upcoming Projects

Timbaland and Missy Elliott announced their reunion yesterday, and now the talented twosome are revealing more details on their upcoming collaborations. In a YouTube video, a casual Timbo and Missy lounge in a white room, thanking their fans for their support and touting their longtime partnership.

“When you can say you been in the game for 18 years, it’s not called washed up, it’s called iconic and legends,” boasted Missy.

According to Timbo, Missy’s oft-delayed album, tentatively titled Block Party, will precede Shock Value III and they are planning to shoot a video for “Take Ur Clothes Off,” a Timbaland Thursdays freebie, and release the full version of “Warped.”

Missy also teased about what her partner in rhyme has up his sleeve. “Timb got a crazy record called ‘Break Ya Back,’” she said. “He finna change the way hip-hop is all over again. He finna switch the way hip-hop is. He did before, he gonna do it again. This is gonna be some crazy shit.”

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  1. ed

    they are sooo dope! i’m glad they’re back together to make hip hop better


  2. joey

    good for them! they both are the best at what they do


  3. Dave

    YESSS, I can’t wait. Timb & Missy! Especially for Missy to drop. She’s the TRUE QUEEN OF HIP HOP! Love her!


  4. meme

    i wonderif timbo realize no one is checkin for his azz. As for missy, im quite excited. Always been a fan, in fact i was lookin at some of her old stuff and its funny how she has way more in common with Nicki than Lil kim.


    blaze Reply:

    @meme, Thats because nicki took her style from kim,foxy,missy an lady gaga



    Yess! cant wait i love them together, well more-so Missy, but i know it’s going to be hot!
    @meme I agree; She does.


  6. blaze

    This is EPIC yall they changed the game in the late 90′s now there about to shut this lame ass rap out the building lmao Lets Go!(in my missy voice)


  7. oso_jo_o

    I want Missy’s album NOW!!!


  8. kani k

    they both need to lose some weight i think.. no hate though.


  9. kiki

    They make a great team, since they did a great job on Aaliyah’s records back in the day i just hope there style haven’t become to like everyone else well in particular Missy as Timbaland has being doing different genres more recent times.


  10. MONKEY!

    WHy is he jerking off?


  11. MaZ

    I’m so excited! So glad you’re back together! Happy that Missy had a second thought on her music and is back again.

    We miss you soooooo much guys! Miss your music and creativity.

    There’s no Missy without Timbo and no Timbo without Missy.

    We need you to take us again to the next level of music, like you did back in 90′s and 00′s.


  12. bobby

    Missy amd Tombo! Caint wait! We want it NOW!!!!!


  13. Amir

    damn im so fckin glaaad! haha 2 fckin legends! i really adore timbaland and his work. hes da best when in comes to making pure organic sound. and in da game for 18 fckin years changed tha game twice… and now 4 tha 3rd. Dr. Dre better stop talkin bout that Detox shit and plan to Cop That Disc!! Missy and Timbo Rap at any tempo bitchh!! Shock Vlaue 3- Block Party- 2011 is so fun!


  14. clay~doh

    I really hope that “Break ya Back” is worth waiting for, cause I wasn’t really hyped for the “Take ur cloths off” record.

    But I know that “Warped” is though…that Sounded HOTTT/FIRE!!!


  15. Whatcha_Sayin

    Missy is always like a walking Adidas advert. Love her!


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